Sunday, March 11, 2007

i love christian bale!

he's the ultimo cerebral hunk. last night we watched "the prestige". it was written by christopher nolan and his brother, and directed by christopher nolan (batman begins, memento). it was pretty slick, although the roomie figured out the fake-twist pretty early on. it was entertaining and well directed, and featured a lovely, ghostly, phantasmorghic scene of a foggy field lit up with light bulbs. that scene alone was almost worth the movie rental. the movie features david bowie in a lovely turn as nicola tesla who was apparently hounded by edison (who knew that thomas edison was biff tannen of the inventor world? certainly not me)

i finished reading a book called "gastronaut" by a british author named stefan gates. i don't know how he got a publishing was pretty terrible and self-indulgent and a rather flimsy concept. basically, he delves into a random assortment of "out-there" food experiences, centred around his made-up tenets of gastronaut-ness (fairly predictable: you'll try everything once, there's no such thing as a culinary failure, etc) and then rambles on in a twee british way about how to gild sausages with gold leaf, how to organize and execute a pig roast, and eating assorted rarities (boogers, pee, etc). it was obnoxious, mainly because the voice of the author was so annoyingly britishly smug. and the research was haphazard at best.

this morning for breakfast i broke the long-standing, irrational edict against non-swedish pancakes instituted by the boy. for some reason, he ONLY likes swedish pancakes. now, i love them too, but i also have room in my heart for the whole panoply of pancake representation in all its glorious multi-constituencies. but i must admit, i do love swedish pancakes best. i made banana pecan buttermilk pancakes with mennonite sausage, which we had after drinking a carrot-apple-ginger-lime-beet juice.

dinner tonight is a tempura feast! we're dipping and dredging sweet potato, chinese eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and beans and eating that with tempura dipping sauce and rice. i saw some lovely baby artichokes, so i'm going to fry those up to, and maybe serve those with a lemon aioli. the last of the pouding chomeur with vanilla ice cream for dessert.


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