Monday, March 12, 2007

i can smell summer!

my family is renting a cottage for a week near huntsville. the name of the person renting us this cottage is JACK MCKAY. that's right. DYLAN MCKAY'S FATHER. from BEYOND THE GRAVE. how awesome is that???

yesterday was amazing because the extra hour of sun made losing that hour of sleep so worthwhile. and i can already smell spring in the air. we have one of those four month washable calendars on our wall, and i took the liberty of erasing january and february and putting up may and june...and just seeing those months, perfectly blank except for concert and birthdays is so relaxing and uplifting.
by comparison, march and april are filled with due dates and other miserableness. it's so hard to stay focused on school when the earth starts to smell wet and soft. i just keep telling myself i have to get through just seven weeks and then i'm free!!! and i have to keep reminding myself that compared to last year, even the endless rounds of school drudgery are worth it.

this summer is going to be so much fun, i can already taste it! cottages, trips, family, friends, eating outside, riding my bike, reading and puttering and doing all the things i love. listening to music...outdoors! parks, and evening strolls with the house-family. frisbee and yoga lessons and gardening and FARMER'S MARKETS! i'm a farmer's market junkie. and this year, hopefully i can work it out so that i can hit riverdale AND dufferin grove. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i gotta buckle down. tonight for dinner we're having seafood (tilapia, scallops, canned clams) new england chowder with a tiny dice of sweet potato in there, because i like having bits of texture in my chowder, and some chopped dill. alongside the olive garden salad.



Chris said...

Dylan: "DAD!!!!!"
*as he watched Jack Mckay's car blow up.

hit squad on the prowl.....

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

that was clearly luke perry's emmy bid.