Sunday, March 25, 2007

humina humina

to say that i love clive owen might be one of the understatements of the not-so-new millennium. he's such a HUNK! here is my current trifecta of hunkiness (in no particular order): clive owen, christian bale, and mark ruffalo (i got caught watching that reese witherspoon cheeseball flick "just like heaven" on my sis' free movie channel while i was in the states, and it rekindled my love for his affable, likeable, averageness).

i got a lot of preliminary research done for two of my papers, so last night we watched the rest of "the inside man". it was fairly agreeable, in the way that most cleverly constructed bank heist movies are. there's nothing i like more than a well-executed heist. i love rooting for robbers. especially when they're as devilishly handsome and dulcet-toned as clive owen. it featured some interesting, periphery racial dimensions, as all spike lee movies do. my favorite spike lee film has got to be "bamboozled" by a mile.

we also watched sarah silverman's "jesus is magic". it's mostly a film of a stand-up show, except it's interspersed with these god awful song numbers that we learned to skip over. she's mostly funny, but in an uncomfortable way, lacking the genial anger of chris rock or dave chappelle, that somehow neutralizes the barbs by swathing them in pop culture familiarity.

this morning for breakkie we had corned beef hash with poached eggs. the design of the corned beef can is abominable. it's basically engineered in the most awkward way imaginable (it's one of those cans with the key on it, that you use to twist off a strip of perforated metal, bisecting the can so that it clammily pops open and yields its fat-sheathed goodness). the long and short of it is, i got impatient and cut myself on it. ah zoot. we washed our breakkie down with a carrot-apple-ginger-lime-beet-pear juice. very tasty.

tonight for dinner i'm going to be in the queen west neighbourhood, so i'm bringing us back ghandi's rotis for me and the roomie since she's been buying us dinner all weekend. two butter chicken rotis, medium spicy. and probably a ginger beer for moi.


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