Monday, March 26, 2007

the globe and mail

well, yesterday i had an interview at the globe and mail for a summer intern position (paid) in the library. i've been keeping it mostly to myself, as i REALLY REALLY REALLY want the job, and i didn't want to jinx it. the interview was unlike any interview i've ever had before, it was mostly me and the chief librarian chatting back and forth for an hour. it was a lovely experience, and it made me want to work there MORE. the chief librarian just sounds like my kind of person, really relaxed and focused, and fun and kooky and feisty. also, the job itself perfectly aligns my two (seemingly disparate) skill-sets and professional lives: kitchens and libraries. it's a high stress, deadline driven, cuss-heavy environment, where you never know what you're going to be doing day to day, as stories come up and need to be researched. it requires an attention to detail, the ability to stay calm and focused under pressure, the ability to be an armchair psychologist, the ability to be a detective (!!!!!) and to think within and outside the box. it just felt like it would be a good fit.

here's the rub: she's interviewing 7 other people total (i'm pretty proud that i made it into that select group), AND one of the 7 is someone in my program that she's been mentoring for a YEAR.

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. it sucks cuz i really really really wanted it. but that is the story of my life. i never get the jobs i really really really want. i get the crappy jobs that look like s**t on your resume. ie. i applied for a shipping and receiving job in the tpl warehouse, and i BET you that THAT'S the one i'm going to get.

in other news...battlestar season finale was not enough to make up for what was generally a piss-poor season 3. it really tailed off in the last half of the season, and then they threw a lot at us, very quickly. i suspect a lot of red herrings.

tonight for dinner we're eating vegan chili (tvp, what!) alongside a chopped avocado/lime/red onion salad (aka chunky guacamole), and sour cream.


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Hannah said...

That sounds like a dream job a la Veronica Mars/Parker Posey! I hope you get it! (I hope you DON'T get my old job at the warehouse, although it wasn't so bad, now that I think about it. They did throw me a splendid retirement party.)
mmm... dinner sounds good, too.