Sunday, March 04, 2007

fake reading week

i realized that i've basically taken the past week as my proper reading week (doing nothing, indulging myself with doing whatever non-school related stuff i want) instead of my real reading week, where i was working on research for the prof, an assignment, and studying. but now it's REALLY time to buckle down.

last night we watched episodes 1 and 2 of season 1 of "lost". we don't like it. to me, it's kind of boring. the characters all seem really one-dimensional and lack nuance, and are very t.v.-popular stock characters. it also features very tv-popular stock dialogue, and what seemed like fake intrigue and fake mystery (ie. stuff that's unnaturally amped up to keep you on the edge of your seats, but is very contrived). personally, i'd rather watch a show about what it IS like to be trapped on a deserted island: how you find food, gather supplies, get water, organize a society. i don't WANT the island to be some kind of metaphoric weirdo bizzareo land with polar bears and the cliff hanger that - gasp! - the woman is the criminal! not el capitano racist hot guy! episode 2 also featured an entirely gratuitous scene of evangeline lily langorously washing her body dressed only in a bra and skimpy bikini briefs, which didn't really make me want to watch more. we gave it a fair chance, but neither episode 1 or episode 2 grabbed us by the balls and made us want to watch more the way battlestar did, or the way season 1 of 24 did. it didn't have the immediate, easy-going likeability of shows like the office and veronica mars.

yesterday i finished reading "curses" by kevin huizenga. it's a collection of comics loosely on the subject of various curses. they feature glenn ganges, a hapless, everyman type of character. there were strong religious-superstitious overtones, and the stories are well crafted to leave a lingering unease in the reader. one of the stories is about the devastation wreaked by starlings (which apparently aren't native to the americas, were introduced in the late 19th century, and have subsequently caused ecological devastation and subsumed native bird populations), and hints at the awful beauty of a starling formation swooping and clustering darkly in the sky. i really enjoyed the drawing style and the execution of the theme.

this morning for breakfast, me and the boy are doing "iron chef, battle: toad-in-the-hole". i had planned a more elaborate breakfast, but the roomie isn't going to be here, and it's not quite worth the effort if the whole family isn't going to be there (then you wind up with odd numbers of sausages being refrozen and the like). i have never had toad-in-the-hole, so the boy was going to cook it up for me, but he's kind of fuzzy on the details, and his method sounds wack, so we're going to battle it out. dinner tonight is a lovely pot roast. i'm seasoning a ginormous hunk of beef, searing it on all sides, and throwing it in the slow cooker with some red wine and beef stock and finely chopped carrot, celery, and onion, alongside parsley, thyme, and rosemary. i'm serving this with a root vegetable (rutabaga, sweet potato, yukon gold potato) mash, steamed beans tossed with lemon-brown butter and toasted almonds, and sauteed mushrooms. i'm basically stealing this menu from the farm weekend we had over the xxx-mas holidays. last night for dessert, i ended up making a pear and cranberry crisp, so we'll have leftovers of that tonight with some vanilla ice cream. or, i've been kicking around the idea of making chocolate souffles with some of the nice bittersweet scharffen berger chocolate my sis buys for me from the states, with a caramel sauce.



Miss Emma-Lee said...

Ok, you're both officially disowned from the family.

I don't know you.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...


Miss Emma-Lee said...

you are INSANE!!! I like that it doesn't end with a cliff hanger everytime. It's less predictable. And why the hell would you want to see them gathering food and such on the island (which they do a bit of) but still, if it were all just typical Gilligan's island shit THAT would be boring. The story grows and gets more and more interesting as it goes along. I still don't think watching 4 episodes is giving it a fair chance, though I was hooked after just a couple. I still say ride it out til at least 10 episodes.

mark said...

re: LOST

you all pretty much suck.

the show doesn't really start until the end of season one anyways.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i can't wait that long.

snoooooooooozefest!!! that's the final verdict!