Friday, March 30, 2007

eye of the liger!

last night i cut class to work on my paper (aka procrastinate some more). but i did manage to get some job applications ready, to be faxed/sent today. and i did some small stuff (finished an annotated bibliography, etc), so it wasn't a total write-off. for some reason, they've been showing re runs of the office for the past month or something, which is pissing us all off.

we had strawberry milkshakes for dessert last night. heavy on the strawberry, light on the ice cream and milk. making a proper milkshakes isn't the easiest thing in the world. you really need it to be mostly ice cream.

tonight i'm working two different shifts at two different libraries, meeting h for lunch, and starting (and hopefully finishing) my presentation paper. !!!!! wish me luck!

it's takeout night tonight. i'm getting chinese bbq (duck, roasted pork, char siu) for the family, with rice and veggies and the char siu sauce poured over the rice. it's probably one of the cheapest and most filling meals you can get. it usually works out to well under 5 bones per meal, and we're talking one of those rectangular styrofoam jobbies packed FULL.


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