Wednesday, March 21, 2007

dispatches from barrie

last night for dinner the boy's uncle made us sausages and perogies, and broccoli, brussels sprouts and carrots in cheese sauce. it was delicious. we visited the boy's grandpa, who seems to be doing okay (his spirits were in fine form) all things considered. hospitals are creepy no matter what the circumstances, and i really believe that they hinder the process of getting better.

today is all work, no play. i have to do a crapload of research, and the readings for tomorrow so i don't show up sounding like a dummy. we're reading something near and dear to my heart: donna haraway's "the cyborg manifesto". it had an indelible impact on the formation of my praxis in undergrad, and i think it's a piece that wears its age well. it is a piece that invokes the metaphor of the cyborg as a vehicle to allow feminists to move beyond essentialist narratives, and to see beyond binary oppositions and situate individuals on a continuum.

tonight for dinner we're having a oatmeal porter-braised lamb stew, with baby carrots and rosemary, served with root vegetable mash. maybe the last of the birthday cake for dessert, or some of the girl guide cookies i bought while in some pokey grocery store in barrie. i like the vanilla sandwich cookies best. i also don't like how they've inserted a layer of minty creme inside the thin mint cookies. i'm also not really sure what it is that we're supporting when we buy girl guide cookies, other than we're teaching a bunch of junior homophobes to tie knots (in the u.s., canada has proven itself to be more tolerant and welcoming).


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dr.rei said...

ahaha so true about junior homophobes (in the us). i remember when my lil bro was like 5, my mom and i went with him to a "beavers" at a school near our house. i still can't remember how i was convinced to go with them - but anyway, not too far into the evening, they started to PRAY! lol, we still laugh at how fast we got our infidel asses outta there. so hilarious - we both grab one of kam's arms and BOOT it.


ps. i'm totally down for saturday if you are my lil friend

dr. cool and drei