Wednesday, March 07, 2007

check up

according to my doctor, i'm a-ok. blood pressure's normal, i don't feel particularly ill, i eat well, etc. this doesn't stop me from being a hypochondriac. i vociferously campaigned to get her to test my blood cholesterol levels and give me a diabetes test to no avail. my two current concerns are that i have high cholesterol and that i might have diabetes. when i was young (and obviously too impressionable), i read the issue of the "baby sitters club" where stacey finds out that she has diabetes. therefore, my knowledge of diabetes and its symptoms comes from a slim volume of tween-targeted fluff. the symptoms (as my 9 year old brain understood them) are as follows: thirst, having to pee, getting headachey sometimes. THAT'S ME!!! I HAVE ALL THOSE!!! but alas, my physician sagely decided to refrain from squandering taxpayer money on pandering to my neuroses. the nerve!

she even told me i don't need to take multivitamins because i eat so well. this makes me nervous because she has no idea how well i eat, it's only on my authority. how do i know what constitutes eating well? next year, i'm going to bring a couple of weeks of sample meal plans for her to look over. in the interests of advancing biomedical science, you know.

i did get her to write me a prescription for massage therapy. sweet! i can't wait! it's been at least a year or two since i got a massage. my cheapo health plan only subsidizes $25 bones for an hour treatment or something, so i still got to shell out some ducats. i'll save my pennies for it, because it's so worth it.

now i'm scuttling my butt to get a paper done by tomorrow, and another one done by hopefully monday. eek! i also signed up for extra hours, cuz i'm a foolio. my little mini-vacation to rochester will be worth it. i'm hoping we get to go eat at one of the following: red lobster, dinosaur bbq, someplace where i can stuff myself on buffalo wings, or some franchise i've never heard of but that manages to serve surprisingly good food in the craptacular vein (attn: little ze's mama).

last night's dinner deviated from the plan as my greek fishmonger didn't have mackeral. we ended up getting snapper fillets. we don't generally eat snapper, as most of it is on the monterrey bay aquarium's seafood watch list. but i broke down in a moment of guilt (and quite frankly, i'm kind of sick of eating tilapia, its sustainability be damned!). i just checked...some snapper is okay, some isn't, and i'm not too sure which kind i got. it tasted DELICIOUS though! i dredged it in a little seasoned flour and pan-fried it. i took the leftover tzatiki made with the drained fat-free yoghurt, and doctored it into a make-do (albeit very garlicky) tartar sauce, by adding: finely diced capers, gherkins, shallot, dill and the juice of a lemon to loosen it up. we had this with lightly buttered steamed beans and the leftover root mash. root mash might become my go-to mash. it's slightly sweet and very flavourful. we also ended up eating some of that pear-cranberry crisp for dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

tonight for dinner we're having my bastardized pasta carbonara. featuring, whole wheat di cecco penne, tossed with sauteed onion, garlic, mushrooms (bastardization alert!), peas, and 3 or 4 beaten raw eggs, mixed in a measuring cup with parmesan cheese. the raw eggs, when combined with the hot pasta and hot veggies, becomes the "sauce". it's delicious. some people add cream to the egg-mixture, but i consider that to be the ultimo bastardization. if you want to loosen it, i just add a soupcon of the pasta cooking water. we're having this with a baby spinach, red onion, cherry tomato, avocado and toasted salted pumpkin seed salad with lemon vinaigrette.



schmee said...

i'm developing mild hypochondria lately and i can't tell if it's age or if it's you rubbing off on me.

i had a steroid puffer prescribed to me recently cause of my nasty cough. i had been using it for a week and then i got a call from my pharmacy to check up on me and the dude said that i have to make sure i'm rinsing after using it cause the steroid could promote fungal growth in my throat. so now i'm convinced i've got a mushroom colony invading my throat and they're plotting to take me down.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i'm not a doctor, but i masquerade as one to my family and friends. therefore, my prognosis is that the chances of a fungal infection are slim, but i would drink heavily acidulated water to hopefully neutralize that shiz (or at the very least, make for a tasty throat-mushroom salad).