Monday, March 19, 2007


yesterday morning we left rochester at 6am to get back in time to head to barrie for the boy's grandpa's 90th birthday. unfortunately, his grandpa has taken ill with pneumonia, and the party had to be cancelled. he had to spend saturday night in the barrie hospital (which was apparently overrun with patients) on a hospital bed in the emergency room hallway. which really makes me flippin' mad. what is happening to our health care system is completely OBNOXIOUS and objectionable, but people don't care. our health care system is basically an abstraction to us, until such time as we actually need it, and by that time, it's been eroded to the point where it's beyond our anger and immediate resources at hand to fix.

this is the cake i had made for him. my friends sarah and maria, whom i used to work with at canoe, have started their own business, called maribelle wedding cakes. you should check out their website! they're fantastically talented. i came up with the design idea and concept, and they executed it beautifully. the detailing on the fondant leaves was incredible, with different shades of soft, springtime, mossy greens crawling over the sides of the cake. the leaves were different shapes and sizes, some of them were beautifully variegated and some had a slightly metallic finish. they're so good at what they do, i'm so proud of them both! not to mention the fact that the cake tasted delicious. golden cake, with a lemon curd filling, topped with vanilla buttercream.

in other sad news, a friend of the boy's and an acquaintance of mine from high school passed away suddenly over the weekend. we found out yesterday. rip s.s.

living and death are always abstractions, brought into the sharp focus of "the real" only in heightened situations dependent on spatial and temporal proximity. it's a lot to take, when our own mortality is suddenly and abruptly fixed before us. it's a lot harder when you don't have the faith of religion to buffer the effects of our lives and what living means. people in your life are abstractions, tied by a thin, delicate thread to "the real" only to become absolute abstractions in death.

it's been a really hard couple of months for us, and in particular the boy.

i'm taking the day off to be around him.


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