Wednesday, February 28, 2007


regardez-la! my first completed knitting project. technically, i did 2 other prototype versions, but this is the only one i finished...i stopped the other two because they weren't perfect, and i tend to be from the "it's not worth doing if it's not worth doing right" camp (except in school,where i'm from the "it's perfectly acceptable to trade peace of mind for coasting on a minuses" camp). i credit my roomie for getting me back to knitting. when i used to try doing it before, i'd usually find it too laborious and slow-going and give up. having someone else around who knits makes it a pleasurable, social activity, AND it gives me something to do when i'm otherwise not doing anything (although in my universe, "not doing anything" means that i'm only doing ONE thing, instead of five, at a time). i can do this while i'm watching tv, which is nice. so i started up again when the roomie had a month off in december for her break. it's for my niece! i had to learn as i went along, it's a little ambitious doing a hat, on double pointed needles, with a contrasting colour pattern, but i'm nothing if not ambitious.

when my doppelganger was over the other week, she wanted to know why i don't drink, so i explained it to her, and then her boyfriend asked me what i do as a stress reliever, whereupon the boy answered on my behalf: "work MORE" it's kind of true. i don't really experience stress, per se. i get anxiety about stuff, rarely, but i tend to just buckle down and do it, and the anxiety i experience is more because i can't cross whatever it is off my giant list of things to do. but instead of stress, i just putter. take on even more little activities, futz around. i've been told that i have a hard time relaxing, but i don't think that's true. i just have a hard time doing what OTHER people do to relax (ie. lie prone on a couch/bed, slack-jawed at the tv). i'm actually a generally relaxed person. what stresses me out is when things distract me from achieving my goals. which is why i ABHOR it when people send me links via instant messaging, or when people interrupt me to go check out something on youtube, etc. i'm a very goal-oriented internet user, and i hate spam, or links, or the pressure to check that thing out RIGHT AT THAT VERY MOMENT, because it messes with the flow of what i'm doing. weird, eh?

for dinner tonight we're having chicken breasts, cut into 2" chunks, steamed with chinese sausage, and dried shitakes, ginger, and scallions in a sweet soy-sesame oil sauce. alongside some steamed rice, and stir-fried chinese eggplant and fresh shitakes in a chili-black-bean sauce. i love chinese sausage more than anything, but it's also carcinogen city from the amount of nitrites all up in there. it's wicked unfair. but i don't eat chinese sausage all that often, and realistically, all cured meats and sausages have 'em. BOGUS!


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