Sunday, February 11, 2007


okay, i'm totally sold on the wii. my family needs to get one stat. nintendo's attempts at de-fatting the youth of today is well thought out, totally solid, and above all: fun. we played a bunch of the sports games: bowling, tennis, and boxing. i think i'd have to say that bowling and tennis might be my favorites. we also played a bunch of these wack "wario" 3 second games which were like video games on a lethal cocktail of pcp, meth and lsd. i actually broke a sweat for a few seconds there! i think if we had wii in the house and it came with some kind of dancing game, we'd have even LESS reason to ever leave. for the record: i'm as bad at simulated bowling as i am at real bowling. the search for the elusive strike is so compelling though. i would have kept playing and playing and playing and playing trying to get it.

making the mii characters is so much fun! mine for some reason ends up looking like a sour kim jong-il with long hair. haha...perhaps that's more apt than i would like to believe. that's a screen cap of some of these awesome mii characters some dude on flickr made based on the cast of the office.

today is all about the paper, with a 3.5 hour shift at the library, and a 1 hour break for battlestar and eating/snacking/personal hygience breaks.

sunday breakkie is swedish pancakes, mennonite bacon, and a carrot-ginger-apple-beet juice. dinner tonight is probably going to be leftovers to save myself some time. there's still leftover oxtail and then there's tonnes of leftover injun food from last night.


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