Monday, February 19, 2007

home run!

these weekends lately have all been resounding home runs. what fun! and it was really sociable...a few of the boys friend's came over for short little visits so it feels like we saw a lot of people on the weekend. there was dancing, there was good food, and there was even a jaunt up to markham to have dinnie with my cute mum.

all you can eat hot pot pwned our asses. i love bringing people for their first hot pot experience... the roomie is BEYOND sold on the concept. plus, everyone was so full that they couldn't finish the complimentary dessert they bring you, which just so happens to be my FAVORITE CHINESE DESSERT EVER! warm, steamed, faintly ginger flavoured egg custard. so i ended up eating about a softball of ginger egg custard. i felt i was going to explode. AND it was chinese new year so we all got lucky money!

there was also fun with our wig on saturday. i think we're going to institute a new policy that any visitor to the house must put on the wig and have their picture taken, so we can have a wall o' wig fun. our eventual plan is to just get a tonne of really can't underestimate how much fun a wig can be. for some reason, i end up looking like short-round from indiana jones. actually, basically any minute change i make to my appearance results in me looking like short round. the boy and my friend end up looking like emo-y a**holes, especially when the boy adds one of his signature novelty sunglasses. one of my favorite things to do in the whole world in the summer is to drag the boy to shopper's drug mart and make him try on women's/senior citizen's sunglasses. to say that hilarity ensues would be the understatement of the millenia.

today is all about my r.a. work and writing a paper. it's an itty bitty paper so i'm hoping it doesn't take too much time. tonight for dinner we're having a butternut squash soup that's chock full of textured bitties: corn, kale, red pepper, romano beans. alongside more olive garden salad cuz i just can't get enough. and i think i'll make us some gingersnaps for dessert.


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