Wednesday, February 14, 2007


do i look like i'm in dire need of saving? do i wear the look of someone who is doomed for an eternity of hellfire and damnation? what is WITH me attracting all these religious peeps trying to convert me?

you've got the baptist mack, who after i've turned him down, makes a big show of IGNORING ME at the library. i told him i wasn't comfortable meeting people at my place of work, and that i like to keep work and play separate. so the next time i see him, i said "hi", and he gives me the big ROLLEYES look-away. as IF, buddy! that's teh lame0rz.

i'm sitting on the subway going home from work yesterday, reading a book, when an older asian woman gets up and sits next to me and says: "hi, do you speak chinese?" thinking that she needed help translating something, i tell her that yes i do speak chinese. then she asks me if i'm from china, and i say that no, my parents were born in hong kong but i was born here in canada. then she starts blabbing on about how she was born in china, and how JESUS helped her when she came to this country. then i look down at her lapel and see the "jesus christ of latter day saints" pin. at this point, i want to get back to my book so i politely interrupt her and say, "thank you, but i'm NOT interested in jesus". so she goes, "oh, you're not interested in jesus? what ARE you interested in?" what do you think i answered? what, in the entire pantheon of my interests do you think popped into my head and was blurted out of my mouth? oh, the entirely ingenious answer..."pop culture". she's all like, "wha?!?" and i'm like, "look, i'm just not interested in jesus." then she tries to tie it back into our shared chinese heritage or something. and i go, "if you're so big on being chinese, why aren't you interested in buddha, or some religion that has some roots in our culture, as opposed to something that was brought over by colonialists?" and she's all like, "wha?!?" so i gave up, thanked her, and got off the subway.

why do those peeps travel in packs? and why do they prey on the lonely, confused, recently arrived immigrant peoples? and more importantly, why am **I** being lumped in with that sad-sack lot?!?

yesterday dinner was derailed. we visited my boy's da' in the hospital (he's doing very well), then the boy's mum, his sister, the boy and i ate dinner at sakawaya. i was famished and it was late so we all went. we had kabocha pumpkin tempura (yummy!). they do this thing called kushiyaki there, which is stuff grilled on skewers and then either glazed with yakitori sauce or sprinkled with salt. i had a skewer of chicken livers with salt, and a skewer of chicken skin (!!!!!!!) with salt. divine! then i had my usual, which is the spicy beef kimchi tofu pot, and i get them to add udon noodles to it. the boy had the chicken donburi bowl, which is a breaded chicken cutlet, on rice, flavoured with a sweet soy sauce, and baked with an egg on top. tasty! then i came home and made peanut butter cookies, as we had decided that the night was a writeoff and we were bunkering down for the perfect storm.

i LOVE storms! i love seeing the city slowed to a crawl. i love seeing people hunkered down and gathered together around in our primordial past. winter's the best! because of all the pork fat i consume, i've convinced myself that the reason why i never feel debilitatingly cold is because i'm sheathed in lard. it's warm in here, lemme tells ya! but i love winter because in climates like ours, it's the time of rest, and gathering around food, and convivial company. that's my kind of ish! i love having reasons to hunker-bunker down.

tonight for dinner we're having a seafood gumbo. i make a very dark brown roux, then sweat out the cajun mirepoix (which is onions, garlic, peppers) in it, then add some chopped tomatoes, a mixture of clam broth and water, and some chopped okra. i'm going to let that stew, and then add some brown rice. let that cook out, then i'm going to add some salmon/firm white fish chunks, shrimp, and scallops. and we're going to eat this with some olive garden salad.


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