Friday, February 16, 2007


other romantic things: 2 christmases ago, the boy's mom got the boy this pack of socks featuring "arch support" (it's a thick band of elasticization around the "arch" part of the foot). it doesn't actually support your arches, but the socks are made of super-plush, thick, soft's like walking on jesus himself. anyway, i've taken such a liking to the socks that i often wear them for days at a time (a gross admission i know, but i rarely if my socks aren't sweaty...i figure they're good to go for another round or so? or, i walk around barefoot at they're only on my feet for a few hours each day? maybe? i've totally lost you and you're looking at me with palpable disgust, i know). anyhoo, usually i do the washing and the drying of laundry and the boy does the folding. what do i find oh-so-cavalierly placed in my bounteous sock drawer? only the socks that i love and covet so dearly. romance!

in other news of saccharine delights, my alcoholic neighbour dimitri SHOVELLED our walkway for us. the whole driveway leading up to our entrance! i was planning on doing it all day, went to work, met the boy, did grocery shopping, and when we had come back, bleary-eyed dimitri had done it. how sweet! i don't know how to repay him...maybe he'll be the new recipient of leftover food, as the previous recipient has disembarked to scotland for god knows how long (come back, dj c64!). another funny thing about dimitri (stop me if you've heard this one before) is that in the summertime, he starts his bbq with a flamethrower. no joke. we were inside last summer and all we could hear was that blowtorchy-jet sound coming from outside, so we're all like, "wtf?!?" this is what dimitri does: he throws some coals in his little bbq (and i mean LITTLE bbq, the thing is like the size of a pan of lasagne, and about 1 foot off the ground), then he hooks up this giant blowtorch attachment to a propane tank, lets 'er rip and SHOOTS it at the pile of charcoal until it catches. it's actually about a billion different kinds of awesome. also, sometimes he gets so drunk he passes out on the picnic table outside, next to a little tv he has rigged up out there. it's quite endearing.

READING WEEK HAS BEGUN! YAY (BUT BOO!) i have a CRAPLOAD of work to do, especially now that i've taken on this r.a. work for the prof (i'm thinking it'll keep me in ebay muumuus though, so that's why i'm doing it...and the prof and i have similar research interests). tonight is probably going to be spent doing a good chunk of work, and then celebrating with the roomie who is off-call and is currently writing a murderous midterm my doppelganger and her boyfriend have moved into the neighbourhood for the month, house-sitting her parents house, so we might go visit with them.

tonight for dinner is that stuffed eggplant from a few days back and olive garden salad. yum!



Chris said...

oh dont worry small fry. i'll be back! and in search of many leftovers upon my return!

btw, who is your doppelganger?
can the world really handle such a thing?

schmee said...

next time your neighbour pulls out the flamethrower i want to be there to photograph it. i especially want the outdoor tv in the shot.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

chris: my doppelganger is mel's bfff lindsay. she's not physically my doppelganger, she's actually the most naturally aryan person i know, blond blond hair and blue eyes. but she's a cook with a b.a. with a tortured relationship to the industry, wanting to get out, but never can. she burned her foot with hot water when she was a kid, and she's feisty and punchy and loudmouthy and bully-y like me.

schmee: you're totally invited for a backyard dimitri session come summertime.

Chris said...

karl: was that the girl i met at your place during x-mas time? i cant remember her name. She was bugging you to call some dude over so she could meet him, hahah. she was a riot!

schmee: ive scene the tv, its on like 24hrs a day in the summer. the blow-torch i have yet to witness. summer cometh in toronto for me!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

chris: no, that was my other bffff, angela, aka one of the roomie's school friends. she IS hilarious.
truth be told, schmee is probably my male doppelganger, in terms of personality and general tastes. so i have two.