Friday, February 23, 2007

r.i.p. sheriff don lamb

in a desperate bid to stave off flagging ratings and the rapidly declining interest of stalwart fans, the piss-poor, sensationalist writers at veronica mars decided to kill off neptune's resident bumbling sheriff, don lamb. r.i.p, don, you'll be missed...ask the wizard for some heart.

veronica mars is pissing me off...and yet, i cannot look away! how is this possible? i'm so trapped in the world, that even as they spiral off into ludicrousness and come up with plot twists that seem DESIGNED to piss off the faithful fan base they've built, i have to watch every week to see JUST HOW FAR DOWN they'll go. it's like watching a car wreck. now they're trying to set up parker and logan?!? so dumb!

sheriff lamb died getting hit in the head with a baseball bat, wielded by none other than a meth-crazed, heavily cosmetically altered, richard grieco himself. what a way to go! lamb's last words on the show were "i smell bread". i found this strange. the roomie explained that it's just a device to show that your neurons are misfiring and sending out wayward signals, like when you have a seizure and smell burnt toast. my question was: "yeah, but why is it always bread? and do indian people smell naan?" which elicited rounds of laughter, and proclamations that you can take the girl out of cultural studies and into library studies, but you can't take the cultural studies out of the girl.

dinnie last night was deliciouso! so filling and tasty and healthy, minus the sour cream (i don't count avocado fat as fat). this is a picture of my recent ebay spoils. how lovely! this summer is all about muumuus, tent dresses, smocking on dresses, trapeze shapes, etc...basically i want to dress like a cross between peter pan, my adorable mum in her late 60s early 70s heyday, and a version of myself at five. i wish my mum had kept all her fab old clothes! i'll post a pic sometime soon...she was beyond hep.

today and tomorrow are being spent with the fam up in markham. FUN! we're celebrating my grandpa's birthday with a big ole banquet...i'll bring the camera to post pictures of all the various rare and exotic animals hong kong chinese people viciously slaughter for the smallest and most arcane parts. ha! tonight we're having dinner at saigon awesome vietnamese place which is to your standard, run-of-the-mill pho joints as a home-grilled ribeye is to the kack at the keg. the standout dish is curry crab. which they serve with crisp baguettes for dipping the sauce, a nod to the french influence in vietnam. so many dishes that you don't find at most of the viet places downtown. i can't wait! i'm fasting all day in anticipation.



schmee said...

killing off lamb was such a stupid move. ronnie is no longer going to get questioned for shit she didn't do, she won't be thrown in jail for shit she didn't do, and keith won't have to be stealthy anymore cause he's got the law behind him. i mean, so much of the show is about going around the system with their PI skills and now keith IS the system. this is some straight up booooooolshit.

it's like the writers sat down and itemized all the things that were good about seasons 1 and 2 and then brainstormed how they could destroy each and every good thing the show had going for it.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i AGREE 100%

i mean, fine, how long can the bumbling sheriff thing pay off, but lamb wasn't THAT bad (ie. the episode when he lets donut and ronnie off for breaking into the mannings)...they turned him into a caricature.


Chris said...

oh curry i miss thee.....

it's lengendary in my mind at this point.