Monday, February 05, 2007


i totally posted something this morning but i guess i closed the window before i published it...weird.
last night went really really well, against my expectations (considering i was on the brink of cancelling). i think i have crazy social anxiety so i always dread socializing more than i should, so i frequently psych myself out of going out and being social. i've been told (and i suspect) that i actually have pretty good social skills, probably owing to the fact that my life is an open book, and i am what i am, in a very upfront way. there's no guessing with me! anyway, my social anxieties manifest themselves to the point where after a social gathering, i usually do a stage-whispered summation of the night's events with an: "that went well!" to the roomie and the boy. the roomie has asked if things have ever gone not well, and well, they haven't...but i'm a nervous nelly.

it was crazy convergence yesterday, as it was bob marley day, and i had prepared an irie island feast, completely unawares. this coincidence, plus the genetic bias of my keloid-scar producing body only reinforces my grand nubian-ness. the meal turned out really well, especially once i skimmed the fat off the oxtail...they were tender like you wouldn't believe!

i'm feeling kinda sicky, so i'm not going to work my night shift at the library. which means i have no excuse and i have to work super-hard on this upcoming surveillance and identity paper which is going to be a monster. it's like, "condense foucault and the articles and this campus initiative in FIVE TO SEVEN PAGES" whaaaa?!?!? [flava flav] woooooooooooooow [/flava flav] for dinner we're having a chickpea, leek and parmesan soup, with warm proscuitto sammies on ace bakery demi-baguettes, and that radicchio, parsley, fennel and romano bean salad with lemon vinaigrette.

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