Tuesday, February 27, 2007

objects in the rear view mirror...

may appear closer than they are. perhaps one of meatloaf's better loquacious song titles? i think so. he certainly doesn't believe in song title brevity, that man, and he's pretty shameless about flagrant abuse of parentheses. note: "i will do anything for love (but i won't do that)".

now that i have some breathing room, i can comment on my weekend. a weekend where precious moments were stolen from me by that pernicious stats midterm. however! ameliorating the horridness of my grade on the midterm, i got an A+ on the paper (19.5 out of 20 to be exact), and the prof made a point of telling me that it was a really excellent paper (i disagree, it was good, but not great). everyone did really well, so i think they're trying to even out the overall class average, in light of the fact that almost everyone claims to have failed. some of my fellow students put my paltry attempts at studying to shame: people said they spent FIFTY hours preparing. i was proud of myself for spending 15! no wonder i failed!

i had a great time on the weekend. it included plenty of face time with my increasingly willful niece and perpetually jolly nephew. look at that outfit! it's a little grunge, a little classic rock. it also included a spirited rendition of the inception of the fourth amendment in the us constitution by my ever-charismatic brother, culminating in the following inscription on the crap-cake i so cravenly hungered for.

i've decided that my new guilty pleasure is the nelly furtado song, "say it right". because it's totally awesome eighties. timbaland did a f**king awesome job on the production, and especially on the processing on nelly's vocal. it's pure new wave-pop madness. i love it! i told the boy that it would make an absolutely PERFECT darkside sample. and he's all like, "you think?" and i said yes! that vocal is straight out of 93 jungle darkside. and he's all like, "but i can just put some reverb on a vocal, and make a new one." me: "but you're no timbaland" him: *look of withering disdain*

we had a buddy over last night to play some tunes with the boy, and the buddy is a fan of pranks. i told him in NO UNCERTAIN terms that i ABHOR pranks. so he replies: "even scary ones? like if i jump out at you and scare you and you get that adrenaline rush? don't you like the adrenaline rush?" me: "i will take that adrenaline and BEAT YOU with it" him: "oooookay. no pranks"

here is some of the food we got at my grandpa's birthday banquet. this year was a little odd, because things came out of the usual sequence. we were all extremely gladdened by the conspicuous absence of the sea cucumber "vegetarian" dish that usually makes an appearance at these things. the first dish is a favorite...it's like crab thermidor. minced up crab and veggies in a lightly curry-spiced sauce, topped with breadcrumbs and baked in the shell. there was also braised dried scallops with sauteed spinach, and stir-fried garlic lobster. the rest of the dishes i forgot to take pictures of, because i was too busy yamming.

this banquet also featured the Tremendously Auspicious Meeting of my new relative Kingsley. he's actually showed up at a few of these things. my grandma holds these banquets on a fairly regular basis...usually around 70-100 people, and we know the routine, we have a regular table we sit at, and regular table-mates, etc. so the past few times, we've noticed this new dude sitting at the table adjacent to ours. after much speculation (growing increasingly ludicrous with each subsequent pass around the siblings), i finally outright asked who he is. he's my grandma's #3 brother's grandson. i don't know what that makes him to us, but he's a pretty good sport. witness the picture. that's my brother to the left of my grandma. she and my grandpa always dust off their circa 1970 finery for these functions. it's kind of cute.

for dinner tonight we're having salmon fillets, seared skin side down to crisp it. then brushed with mustard, and topped with panko that's been mixed with some microplaned ginger, drizzled with olive oil, and then baked in the oven so the panko crisps up. i'm serving this with green beans, blanched, then tossed with some sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds, and sweet potato oven fries served with chili mayo. my roomie brought back some mint chocolate chip ice cream as a post-exam treat for me, so we'll probably have a small scoop of that.



sg said...

kind of cute? kind of? i would say extremely cute....

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

don't let the retro outfit fool you, that woman is a master of deception! it's inspiring/scary.