Tuesday, February 20, 2007


is the most hardcore pwnage that exists. so say we all.

here's a picture of two of my favorite baldies (captain jean luc picard should also be up there, and china mieville), my nephew, being held up by my brand spanking new MICHEL FOUCAULT magnet that my lovely friend t, in vancouver sent to me. so cute!

we watched part of this documentary called "aliens of the deep" last night. james cameron basically takes some of the billions of
dollars he got from making titanic and helped to fund this deep sea exploration. it's crazy down there! and really relaxing to watch these phosphorescent, prehistoric life forms, that somehow manage to survive in the very depths of the ocean. the pressure down there is insane, and there's also all these geothermic vents, so you have the earth's core literally spewing out volcanic matter that instantly hits the icy cold water and forms all kinds of inverted geo-formations, reverse stalactites and stuff. and the life forms are beautiful. when we went to vegas we checked out the underwater exhibit at the mandalay bay hotel and casino...you basically walk through a series of underwater glass tunnels. but they had one giant column in the middle of the floor that contained maybe 5 or 6 jellyfish. the motion of their bodies undulating and rippling is so calming. "aliens of the deep" is pretty good, but we're watching the extended version, which has less time spent just filming the creatures and environment, and a lot of time "getting to know" the crew they assembled. so you have all these nasa-physicists and alien life form experts and marine biologists kind of annoyingly yapping and saying stuff like: "this is so awesome! will you LOOK at that? wow!" which is all very well and good, but i'd kind of like either a) a deeper context for what i'm seeing or b) for them to shut the HELLS up. i don't need someone from nasa telling me that this s**t is awesome.
i recently finished reading another alison bechdel comic collection. this one is called "spawn of dykes to watch out for". this means that i've almost read them all, but out of order, and i'm missing the key one where sparrow shacks up with stuart and gets him to live in her co-op. i DEVOUR these comics. i love the characters and the story is so endearingly, accessibly, palatabley alty-lefty in the way that i can appreciate.

i also read a children's book called "the stone fey" by robin mckinley while i was at the library a few days back. i love her work. she does vaguely fantasy-fairy tale, medieval kind of stuff but her writing is beautiful and evocative and imaginative without being forced. this was about a girl who lives in the scottish highlands, tending sheep, engaged to her beloved, who gets wooed by one of the otherworldly folk that live high in the mountains. it was a lovely read, deeply satisfying in that way that fantasy books for kids can be deeply satisfying.

i have an r.a. meeting with the prof today...and then i'm going to see if i can meet my friend for lunch...hopefully it works out. tonight we're having my doppelganger and her boy over for dinner. he's from england, and i had some prime rib leftover, so i'm going to roast up a three rib prime rib, rubbed with salt and pepper, medium-rare. alongside: roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms (in butter, natch), steamed green beans tossed in shallot-mustard-red wine vinaigrette, and for dessert, tarte tatin with almond frangipane between the caramelized apples and the crust. the crust is an oatmeal-based crust which gets extraordinarily flaky, while still sturdy. i'm going to serve it with the last of my bourbon caramel sauce, and some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream. depending on how productive i'm feeling, i may or may not make yorkshire puddings, but that's already a lot of food for just the five of us.


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