Wednesday, February 07, 2007

jumping the shark!!!

veronica mars season 3 is seriously, seriously, disappointing me. and if you haven't been keeping up to date, watch out: because i'm going to drop some mad spoiler alert bombs on yo' ass. first of all, the ongoing veronica and logan makeup/breakup situation is RIDICULOUS. it's worse than any other tv show i've ever seen, and what i've always liked about the writing for vm was that it was pretty smart and snappy, and not *quite* as given to those 12-year-old-girl pandering contrivances. they're breaking up for the silliest (and most inconsistent) of reasons. AS IF LOGAN WOULD HAVE SEX WITH MADISON SINCLAIR!!! she slipped ronnie the roofies that resulted in ronnie getting date-raped! she's a miserable b***h and logan has called her on that multiple times. it's so silly. furthermore the "cases" in each episode are starting to get really uncomfortable. last night a woman slipped her BEST FRIEND ru-486 to induce a miscarriage...even though her friend wanted to KEEP the baby. whatever happened to missing cars? or stolen test results? or pizza boy muggings, huh? and if wallace doesn't come back soon i'm going to lose my s**t.

phew. i really needed to get that off my chest. in other news: this paper i'm writing (not to be overly dramatic) is THE WORST THING EVER! it's so hard to condense TWO foucault texts into AN element in a FIVE page paper...i haven't even gotten to the other stuff yet because i'm not happy with my foucault framework. booooooooooooo hiss!!! i think it's a hunk of poo and i'm pissed off at it. we're not friends right now.

to procrastinate, i finished reading another YA book this week, "doing it" by melvin burgess. it's a book following a crew of british lads in late high school muddling through relationships and figuring out their raging hormones. the writing was pretty snappy and quick and funny at times, and it also got surprisingly racy, with lots of sexy bits. talk about embarrassing subway reading though! i would be engrossed in the book sometimes and look up to find some pervy dude giving me this knowing half-smile. ew! i KNOW quite well how to DO IT and don't need any help from you, thankyouverymuch. grody!

i also finished another comic, "mirror, window" a collection by jessica abel. it was pretty good, but filled with those late 90s alt-y slacker-y vaguely urban hipsters that seem to populate comics of a certain time and place. a bunch of mal-adjusted, generation x peeps trying to figure out their place in the world and dealing with a general malaise that i can't really sympathize with? it just seems so self-indulgent! i mean, fine, i understand, we all go through periods of that at one time or another, but it's such a genre cliche in comics!

in other news, in lieu of my requested valentine's present, which was (obviously) the largest conflict diamond the boy could get his grubby hands on, he brought me back a lovely gift yesterday...a double!!! i've never eaten a double before, and he knew and surprised me with thoughtful! for those of you who don't know, a double is an island snack, consisting of spiced, curried chickpeas, encased in a fried, doughy exterior. they go down easy, lemme tells ya, perfect snack food: spicy, crispy, filling, tasty, hand-held. it basically fulfills all the snack food requirements.

today is a shift at le bibliotheque, and then home to wrassle with this paper some more. for dinner tonight, we're having a spicy clam udon. slurpy udon noodles in a hot-chili-sauce spiked clam broth with bok choy and enoki mushrooms and meaty clams. perfect for the cold weather we're facing.



dr. rei said...

"ew! i KNOW quite well how to DO IT and don't need any help from you, thankyouverymuch."


i totally agree with you on the v mars tip. i missed last night's episode because i couldn't be bothered to come home from school early for it. that is NOT a good sign! the logan/ronnie thing is seriously out of hand.

on an unrelated note: if you're still interested in coming to aaron lacrate, we'll be there around 10pm. BUT, i might bail due to excessive amounts of school work. so i'll shoot you an e-mail tomorrow to confirm.

lovez youz

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...


i doubt i'm going to be able to realistically go to lacrate. mostly because it's way the f**k on the other side of town and if i want to have any fun on the weekend, i have to buckle down and work on my stats paper, AND i have a job interview tomorrow.

email me anyway!