Friday, February 09, 2007

job interview

well, i got another interview for one of those $43000 positions. full time again, but at least it's at a location that's a little more accessible to me, though still out of the way. the interview didn't conflict with a school day, which is the only reason i'm going through with it, i don't think i have a realistic chance, as it's quite a senior position, and it would be a big jump for me, as i'm currently working the lowest position on the hierarchical ladder. i've thought it through...if i get it, i think it's manageable to juggle full time school with full time work. as it stands now, i work approximately 25 hours a week, so this would just be 10 more hours than that. it just means that i have to buckle down some more and not waste as much time. i might also consider taking a course or two in the summer to facilitate things.

but that's all hypothetical because i'm most assuredly NOT going to get this position.

let this be known: student councils of all shapes and sizes are the most annoying organizations in the known universe. for some reason, on my long thursdays at school, my self-appointed dinnertime happens to coincide with the student council executive meetings in the student lounge. it all sounds so banal! i tried opting out of student council fees this year during registration...let's say they were taken aback to say the least. i don't know if anyone has ever tried to skeeze out of the $25 before...there was some fumbling around and then they were going to say that they would have to take my name down to make sure i NEVER attended a student-council funded event. so i hedged my bets and ended up paying the fee. with two and a half months to go before the school year is up, i can safely say that i have yet to attend a student-council event period. i can't help it! they all sound so unremittingly LAME! i mean, if it meant sitting around talking about battlestar or something interesting, then fine, yes, i can deal. but hearing a representative of the ALA (american library association)?!? on MY time??? no thank you.

in other news, i came up with what i consider to be the most hi-larious t-shirt of all time, for the boy. it's going to say: "THE VENGABUS IS COMING" every single time i think of him wearing it in my head, i burst out laughing. i'm actually laughing to myself a lot, which probably gives me the appearance of some kind of loon. i'm sorry if i'm constantly amused by my own life!

dinner tonight is something i've been planning and looking forward to allllll week. fridays are usually take-out day (as faithful observant readers would have noted). however! this week i'm going to be making a box of kraft dinner and scarfing it down with some hot dogs. i haven't eaten kd and hot dogs in forevers and it's going to be ACES. i'm going to buy some all beef franks (not the skinny little schnieder's bitties, a proper frank, usually about 1" diameter), some squishy, soft, wonder bread hot dog buns, i got ketchup and mustard, and i don't even want to talk about how much i'm going to eat, because the pms monster is IN DA HOUSE. last night i came home from school, and the family had ordered pizza, and i was comfortably full from my oxtail dinner. so what do i do? oh, i ate THREE pieces of pizza, a hunk of kolbassa the size of my fist (for some reason pms = meat cravings for me), and the scrapings of hagen daaz vanilla ice cream left in the freezer that my friend brought over. at TEN PM. so consequently i woke up at 3am with some mild heartburn. but not even heartburn can best iron-stomach lee! i'm an old pro at dealing with middle-of-the-night-heartburn. i just prop up the pillows so that i'm partially sitting up and fall back asleep semi-vertical. if i have some liquid pepto, i take a chug or two and i'm good to go. heartburn doesn't happen all that often, and it's very predictable in me. it's when i consciously over-eat very late at night. for dessert tonight i think i'm going to make some cookies...either classic chocolate chip, or gingersnaps or those mona's mother's mother's favorite recipe ones, which are lacy and oat-y and super tasty with a glass of milk.


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dr.rei said...

"i don't even want to talk about how much i'm going to eat, because the pms monster is IN DA HOUSE."

LOL! you kill me guy

also VENGABUS SHIRT!!! AHAHAH so good!

also, i bet you get that job, ya little whippersnapper!