Sunday, February 04, 2007

it comes in waves

so, in addition to my other bad news earlier this week, my stepdad has to have spinal cord surgery again. boooooooooooooo. it's really weird and destabilizing to be getting to the age when people around you are experience the effects of aging and our bodily limits. like, when i was a kid, people getting really sick or experiencing mortality was a statistical anomaly, but as i get older, it becomes part of the fabric of your life.

to lighten the mood a bit, last night was so much fun! my other bfffff came over in addition to bff dr. rei and it was absolutely lovely. in other news...i think i'm insane. i invited like 6 of my cook friends over for dinner, so i'm making dinner for like 8 or 9 people tonight. when i have a paper due this week, a massive paper and an assignment next week. ah well, i've pretty much decided that tonight is a writeoff, so why bother, right? i doubt i would have been all that productive.

we're having jerked oxtail, coconut rice'n'peas, and an irie pumpkin (various squashes in lieu of pumpkin as pumpkin is unavailable at the moment) stew, and pecan cinnamon-sugar churros for dessert. yum! but...i'm an idiot!!! why do i take on all this work??? it was supposed to be a potluck. eek!

sunday breakkie this morning is a baby spinach, tomato, orange pepper, green onion, garlic and goat cheese fritatta with bacon from the mennonites and seven grain toast from st. johns bakery. alongside a carrot-apple-beet-ginger juice.



dr.rei said...

there's no other group of people i'd rather sing early nineties love ballads with!!!1


love youz

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

so funny!

how do we know all the words to those songs?!?

p.s. breakage is going to be MURDERATION (in the sense that we can gab about the glitterati all night)