Thursday, February 15, 2007

i totally gapped about yesterday being valentine's day. ah zoot. it doesn't really mean much around these parts anyway. usually, somewhere near the general vicinity of that day of waxy cheap chocolate and ritualistic spectacle of pre-fab excess, we find someplace to go eat a nice dinner, more of an excuse to go out than anything else.

when i was working my shift this regular came up to me while i was in the stacks shelving, and gave me that picture he had drawn on the back of an old library receipt, with the words, "i couldn't get you a real one so this will have to do." it was pretty nice (albeit there ANY form of public library engagement that ISN'T creepy? or has my already-cynical and world-weary heart been hardened against any and all sentimental connections in a public library setting?). i thanked him and he made this self-effacing comment about the cross-hatchings being subpar. it was actually a pretty sweet gesture...but it still makes me feel icky.

i'm not hardwired for those kinds of, crappy chocolate, and the rest of what constitutes romance (conflict diamonds, moonlit serenades, limousine rides, a weekend in niagara). this is romance to me: coming home from a long double day, dumping my crap upstairs, walking downstairs to change into my pjs, to be greeted by the following words from the boy: "hey. so, do you consider what happened to the indigenous people of canada to be a genocide?" and then getting into a 20 minute discussion about what constitutes genocide and looking up the u.n. definition and contextualizing the political motivations for designating one thing a genocide, and another not. be still my heart! other things that mean romance: pepperoni sticks from alex farm's cheese store, one for everyone in the house; doubles carted all the way from outer-etobicoke, one for everyone in the house; and finally, being able to use the line from willow to madmortigan in the movie "willow" that goes, "you are great" and have my partner understand the reference. that's love, right there folks. the other stuff is just hackneyed crap for noobs, imo.

today is a long day...but i'm going in with my friend to talk to the prof about the r.a. stuff, which should be interesting...i'm semi-nervous. for dinner i'm packing leftover gumbo, which turned out ULTRA-FANTASTIC! we cooked the roux out until it got all toasty and popcorny smelling and turned a leathery brown colour. we used my chicken stock and shrimp and tilapia chunks alongside some spicy sausage, and i threw in brown rice, which was a good call because it maintains it's chewiness through the long cooking process. i'm also packing one of my homemade granola bars...which, despite the inclusion of raisins, are surprisingly good, and a fairly healthy snack.


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