Sunday, February 18, 2007

i needed that

SO MUCH FUN last night! such grimey, sweaty, rudebwoy bruckness. i LOVE it! i love dancing for four solid hours and going buck. i haven't had a night where i feel like i really got the dance out of me in a long, long time. the thing i love about jungle jams is that i rarely get bothered or grinded up on, and am generally left undisturbed to do my thing (act like a ruffneck). i also love the dirty-ness of a proper party. the roomie tried to convince her friend to go, and he's from england, and when other people heard he was going to possibly go to the comfort zone, they basically teased him out of going. EFF THAT! yes, it was dark (like i could only see a foot in front of me dark) and yes it was all ages (but jungle crowds you can never tell how old anyone is, and they're mostly younger anyway), and yes it's grimey (the bathrooms are pretty gross)...but i would never let that stop me from going ANYWHERE is the music is hype. it really IS all about the music and the potential for dancing for me...anything else is very much a tertiary concern.

i LOVE LOVE LOVE jungle. i love dancing to other music, but i've been listening to jungle for 10 years now, and NOTHING does it for me like a wall of drums and sub-bass. it's like i jump out of my skin. i haven't been to a party in a while, and i guess i needed to be reminded how, when the jungle is proper (crashing, cacophony of drums, sinewaves, bass i can feel in my chestplate), there's nothing better. i live for 170-180 bpm. i would say that part of the credit goes to dj c64, my bff, and growing up in electronic music with him, but the harder, the louder, the ruder, the better! crunchy, abrasive, bass-heavy = karl lagerfeld goes OFF. it's one of the things that i can be counted on...i never stop moving at a party. and i don't really socialize either. love!!! i also love the crowds at jungle parties. i love the sketchiness, the skeezy kids, the fact that it's about 1 girl for every 100000 boys, but it's not really a sexual vibe at all, everyone is focused on the music. i love breakbeats! four-on-the-floor has never, and will never really do it for me.

breakage started off with some of the slow, minimal, sparse dubby stuff, then he kind of went a little early virus, wobbly, not as much bass for my liking (but people seemed to really dig it), then he went wall of drums mashup science business, then brought it back down again with the deep, choppy, slicey, but bass-heavy, minimal, sebadox-esque stuff. the mc was wack! i think it was dsypha's dad. probably the whitest sounding mc i've ever heard in my LIFE: "is everyone having a good time tonight? please. welcome. the. fine. dj. breakage" wackness!

it was fun though...and i went with an awesome crew. i'm glad the roomie came. things were looking a little bleak for a bit, as she was mad hungover...but she was a trooper...and i love partying with my markham buddy. he pwns! and seeing how happy the boy is in a rave-like setting also makes things very amusing.

we ended up at the silver dollar room for a bit...there was a local band, called methodology playing. they blow. they kind of do like a remy shand, very can-con version of soul/rnb revival MINUS the funk and MINUS the factors that make soul, rnb good (ie. soul, rhythm, blues). it's like buddies: jamiroquai called, and he wants his sound back, and furthermore, stevie wonder just called jamiroquai, and he wanted HIS sound back. i hate it when people don't DO their thing, but project what they THINK the thing is. a lot of popular music is like that or if you ever watch people singing on american idol, it's totally like that. they think that just because they can make the right sounds come out, it's acceptable to pantomime love lost, or soul, or that fire you get from proper singers.

today i'm skipping out on library sunday work, to work on my assignment some more, and otherwise be hungover and schluffy. it's also CHINESE NEW YEAR! for breakkie we're having steel cut oatmeal, and a carrot, apple, beet, cucumber juice. for dinner we're going for ALL YOU CAN EAT HOTPOT in markham! chinese hot pot is the shiznizzle. there's an element built into the table, and they bring out cauldrons of flavoured broth, and platters of meat, veggies, tofu, noodles, and you just cook your own. finished off with a steamed ginger milk pudding. my favorite chinese dessert! (or one of them). then battlestar when we get home! chinese new year/reading week rocks! depending on how gluttonous we're feeling...i might make us a batch of cookies to hunker down with.


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