Wednesday, February 21, 2007


i've always hated that show, friends. to me, it's like the worst parts about white people, condensed into one highly irritating little half hour. it's just not funny.

yesterday, against the odds, and against all my feeble attempts to elude her, i got to have lunch with my friend h yesterday. it was great! we hadn't hung out in a long time, and i'd just had a murphy's law-fueled morning, culminating in a semi-disastrous meeting with my prof for the r.a. stuff.

i'm kinda feeling meh about that whole situation. i got too much other s**t to do to focus all my energy on someone else's project. i'm too selfish for that ish. you can pay me, and i'll get the work done, but you got to pay me a HELL of a lot more if you want me to CARE. that's just how i roll.

but seeing h was lovely! then my doppelganger and her bf came over for dinner which was also BEYOND lovely. i love it when friends of good friends become friends. it's so nice and chummy. we hatched all kinds of crazy plans (the doppelganger and the roomie are turning 30 this year and want to celebrate in a grand fashion): driving to vancouver in a giant rv, renting a cottage for a week, driving to montreal, going to cuba for an all inclusive vacation. this summer is going to be a BLAST!

tonight for dinner we're having whole wheat fusilli with a broccoli and walnut pesto. and olive garden salad (but of course!). no dessert...i ate entirely too much roast boeuf last night to be good for me (but it was SOOOOOOOO tasty).


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