Thursday, February 08, 2007

fait accompli

makes me sound real accomplished, doesn't it? almost as if my paper isn't a steaming pile of poo (albiet a DONE steaming pile of poo). i'm disappointed in myself. caring about school sucks! i'm off this train! no more! i also did this thing for the first time where i didn't write it sequentially, so i had to go back after and insert an introduction and a conclusion. it felt weird. like getting fully dressed and then putting on your underwear. never again!

ah well, at least i'm done. all of class today is supposed to be spent talking about our papers, but i don't wanna. i have an ultra long long day, and i was thinking of maybe going to see this dj, aaron lacrate, but it's at the social, which is on the other side of town, and i don't think i like dancing to baltimore club enough to haul my ass out there, especially when i have a mondo stats paper due on monday. i think i'm going to come home and watch the office with the family and be warm and happy in my new pajamas. that's pretty much what life comes down to, i'm not going to lie.

confession: i secretly LOVE my online information retrieval course. constructing boolean search strings is SOOOOOO satisfying to me. it's like being a detective! you KNOW the information is there, and you just have to plan, conceptualize, and plot your method to tease out the info. it's enormously fun (for me). however, the rest of the class time when we're NOT doing searches is mind-numbing to the extreme. the prof is wikked boring to the max. this is the stream of consciousness i unleashed during break time a couple of weeks back (in my outside voice, no less): "i HATE this class" "it's BORING" "i NEVER WEAR A BRA". hahaha! the poor recipient of these pearls of wisdom had to tell me that the prof was still IN the class, and sitting none too far away. oops! this is what happens when you have no filter.

people are always wondering what i'd be like drunk. i really don't think it would make that much of a difference. i'm not a terribly inhibited person under the best of circumstances. therefore, i don't really need alcohol to make me loosen up. i think the only difference might be a slight amplification in volume. it's weird when you see people get wasted and they turn into drunklor. it's like night and day in some people.

for dinner tonight i'm packing leftover coconut rice'n'peas, irie squash stew, and the jerk oxtail, with an apple and a banana and some of the those bargain basement almonds to snack on.


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Chris said...

do you not remember back in highschool when you had those 2 pieces of rum cake?

the mean streak was on!