Saturday, February 10, 2007

entertaining, hef style

i've come to realize that since about november, most of my friends who've come over have only seen me in my flannel pajamas. is that weird??? sometimes i can't tell anymore. should i NOT be having people over for dinner when i'm dressed in my pjs? is it demode? uncouth? does it make a difference what time i'm having people over?

i woke up extra early today to get a jump-start on my stats paper, and consequently whiled away my time doing some online browsing on ebay. if i could switch between flannel pajamas as my winter uniform, and muumuus as my summer uniform, i would be totally and utterly happy. i LOVE vintage muumuus! it's like having the freedom to be socially acceptable running around in your bathrobe...THAT'S how comfy muumuus are. i bought one as a lark last summer...even though it looked ginormous on the rack, it was only $10, and i couldn't stay away from it...and it looks freakin' SMASHING when it's on (or at least, i've convinced myself that it does). but i do get many compliments on it.

after the abuse that my body has been suffering at the hands of my unsatiable pms, i'm back on healthiness today. a big bowl of steel cut oats with lots of fruit is the rule of the day.

tonight i'm having some dear friends over for an indian feast. it's games night. they're bringing over a ps2 and guitar hero, and their nintendo wii so we can battle it out. i'm excited! for dinner i'm making: coconut almond rice, eggplant bharta, a chickpea curry in a spiced-creamy-tomato sauce, and i think there'll be samosas and naan. i think i'll make some tamarind chutney as well. for dessert we're having chai spiced creme brulee. namaste!


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dr.rei said...

mmm chai spiced creme brulee, that ish is soooooooooo illl