Friday, February 02, 2007


looks like a craptacular movie!!!! nothing about the ads or the material i've read indicate that it's anything BUT a dreary, boring, hopelessly typical depiction of exactly what it purports to depict. i don't even get the fuss. the oscars are going to be SUCH a snoozefest this year. i'm sorry, i don't mind the odd stephen frears' flick, but "the queen"?!? how good could it *possibly* be?!? and "little miss sunshine"??? are you people daft? why THAT? have people lost all sense of good taste and thoughtful consideration? this is going to be as bad as the year "chicago" won best picture. eek-fest, that's all i got to say. the only movies i want to see right now are "pan's labrynth" and "the last king of scotland" and well, OF COURSE "the pursuit of happyness" even with the gross injustice to english language meted out in the title (i jest! not about the butchering of the queen's english, but with the desire to force my eyes open for that dreck).

jean's was muy bueno last night. we ordered lots so we'd have plenty of leftovers. mock meat is the wave of the future!

this morning i'm have a cook friend over who is leaving toronto this weekend to move to new york with his girlfriend. he's going to be working for alain ducasse at ducasse's new joint at the st. regis hotel (i believe), and his girlfriend got a job at babbo. i'm semi-jealous...but i also have absolutely no desire to try to "make it" in new york city. lovely place to visit, but i don't think i'd want to live there, much as i do love brooklyn. not enough green space...too unmanageable a size. so we're having a little goodbye breakfast. i always get a little nervous cooking for other cooks (well, depending on what kind of cooks they are). but then i realize that i really cook from the hip, and that i'm not the emulsion-foam-xantham gum kind of cook. i'm like a composite-of-everyone's-grandma kind of cook. i want to out-grandma grandma. there tends to be very little pretension in the food that i make. anyway, this morning we're having corned beef hash with poached eggs. the extent to which i love corned beef hash knows no bounds. i absolutely ADORE it. one of my top 10 favorite comfort foods for sho'.

for dinner tonight, i'm having dr. rei over to dazzle me with her statistical expertise, gleaned from 6+ long years in the trenches of engineering. for dinner, i'm making a comfort food extravaganza. roasted maple-mustard-sage pork loin with crackling, caramelized onion gravy, cranberry-apple-pear relish, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, braised red cabbage, and pan sauteed brussel sprouts. for dessert, i'm making an oatmeal-crusted tarte tatin, because i'm trying to stick to a wintery theme, and nothing goes together like pork and apples. in between the caramelized apple layer and the flaky crust, i'm going to smear some homemade frangipane just to up the flavours a bit, and i'm going to serve it with whipped cream. unf unf unf unf unf! i can barely wait!


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