Tuesday, February 06, 2007

dream a little dream

lately i've been having wack dreams. i had one on the weekend featuring scary goths hanging out at this souped-up, extra-sketchy sneaky dee's. then, last night i had this amazing dream that the boy and i were in buenos aires (we've never been there), with his dog, stella. we were in this gorgeous modern, bumpin' restaurant, that was filled with all these beautiful and unique antiques and knickknacks and sundries. the place was filled with gorgeous people and the low din of lots of clinking glasses and conversation and the most amazing food. then who should appear? none other than lou gossett jr. who tells us that we absolutely must go upstairs. so the three of us (me, the boy and the dog) go up this winding spiral staircase, to this room that is just floor to ceiling windows, and it's dusk outside, so it feels like you're standing in the sky. the woman who owns this place has suspended in the air, this gigantic wooden sailboat that spans the whole length of the room (similar to the whale at the american museum of natural history in new york city). it was really awesome.

tonight we're going out to jean's to eat with the boy's family, as it's his sister's birthday. i don't have work or school today, and woke up extra early so that i can start working on my foucault paper for surveillance and identity. hopefully we can eat jean's awesome pad thai and pad see yew, probably my two favorite dishes on the menu.


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