Monday, February 26, 2007


well...i officially for the first time TANKED an exam in my semi-illustrious academic career ever (and allow me to say that this range goes back all the way to kindergarten, and covers almost 8 years of post secondary education). eek.

i tried, i really did. i studied long and hard, and didn't watch the oscars and didn't do anything fun, and was basically a wet blanket the whole weekend cuz i was mildly stressing about it, and cranked out largetime at the boy. so i can't say that i didn't try, and i'm pretty okay with how i did. the exam was ridiculous. we had to write out 20 randomly assigned definitions from a list of 74 statistical terms. now, that's all fine and good if the the definitions were a line or two long. but they're not...they're about 500 words each. and for full marks on each question you had to prove that you could contextualize the term and had read a minimum of 2 (!!!) additional sources. for 74 TERMS. of which you are going to be tested on 20. re-donkulous!

i have fun pictures to post from the weekend when i get other news: my family has put the wheels in motion to RENT A COTTAGE FOR A WEEK this summer!!!!!!! oh what fun!!!! i'm trying to make sure that i get maximum cottage time this summer...which will basically mean living like a pauper the rest of the time, but well worth it in terms of peace of mind and r&r. and let's be realistic, for me, taking time off this summer means working 35 hours a week and probably taking a summer course...but compared to 70 hour work weeks! it's like 35 hours IS a part time job. ha!

i came back from visiting with the family with some kind of minor sickness, and feeling rotten from all the food we ate. it's bad...too many msgs and such...the food is tasty but sometimes is was quantity over quality. it didn't help that i had an epic craving for crap cake (ie. cheap, grocery store cake with cheap frosting...i LOVE IT! know, the slab cakes with the cheap frosting roses in garish colours? loaded with chemicals and stabilizers and the like). so for dinner tonight, it's healthy town all the way. we're having a cream of cauliflower soup with milk instead of cream...really simple. i sweat out a white mirepoix (onions, garlic, celery), add some cauliflower, enough water to just cover it, and let it cook. puree the mass in the blender, and add enough milk to just thin it out, season with salt and pepper. the resulting pablum is silky, rich, and the essence of cauliflower. we're having this with toasted fred's bakery potato bread and butter. and a giant ruby grapefruit for dessert. take THAT, colon!


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