Saturday, February 17, 2007

against the odds

yesterday was a whirlwind. so my roomie tells me yesterday that the girl who rents the apt. upstairs told her that her friends were opening a restaurant in yorkville and were doing a trial run of the restaurant thursday, friday and saturday, and that they needed people to come in and review the food and in return they get a free meal. so me and the roomie are all excited, and we call the doppelganger and her bf and get ourselves a nice, happy little foursome going. then the roomie calls the upstairs girl back and finds out that she had got yorkville and YORKDALE confused. we were O.U.T.! yorkdale is hella far, and the resto was actually IN the mall, and that means the food is going to be of highly questionable integrity.

so we revamped the plan so that me and the roomie would eat dinner here and then go to the doppelganger's place for dessert (carrot cake!). then, against ALL odds, i did the reasonable thing: i stayed home, on the first friday of reading week, to work on the assignment i have due on monday. it was probably one of the hardest choices ever. i was so torn! socializing! CARROT CAKE! but no, i made the right call, because i ended up getting a good chunk of it done...which is what i really needed.

but that's okay...because today my little bro is going to try to get all the siblings and auxiliary significant others tickets to see THE POLICE at the ACC! wooooooooooo!!! what hilarious-fun THAT will be! also...tonight i'm getting CRUNKED, guy! i'm going to see this dj/producer i lurve named breakage at the comfort zone of all places (all ages too, eek! someone better not get bottled/shanked/shot while i'm there). his full-length album "this too shall pass" was wicked and really pushed the genre forward. tonight is going to be pure rudebwoy murderation mayhem, BOOOOOOOOOOYA! i'm so pumped! even if the music sucks (which it probably won't, at least not during his set), it'll be fun to be out and about as i haven't been to a jungle party in ages. AND, the roomie is off-call which means i get to go raving with her! what fun!

tonight i'm having my friend over for dinner and we're having braised lamb shanks in shiraz with mascarpone long-cooked polenta, pan roasted brussel sprouts, and green beans steamed and tossed in a red wine vinaigrette. for dessert, i made creme caramel (or flan). i haven't made it in years and years and years, it was actually one of the first desserts i ever tried to make when i was 14 or so...which is actually pretty ambitious for a first it involves making a caramel, and a custard, and cooking the whole in the bain marie. i wanted something that was light and cool after the heavy, round, wintery flavours of the dinner.


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