Monday, January 22, 2007

woe is me

geeksquad alert: according to my ever-reliable brother, the final story arc of this season's veronica mars is getting bumped off, so that the network can feature a new reality series called "the search for the next pussycat doll". sheesh. as if you need a whole reality series for that. you know where to find the next pussycat doll? go to myspace, find the chica with the most attention-whoring pile of scantily clad pictures of herself (especially if they prominently feature fake-lesbianism), and you've got yourself a winner. to add to my tale of heartbreak and despair, the network hasn't confirmed if veronica mars is coming back for a fourth season.

why do all the good shows have to go? my only hope is, that knowing they might be abruptly canceled after the mid-season to come, the writers are smart enough to tie up all loose ends, and not leave me hanging like they did with my so-called life. now that was tragic. angela chase had just found out that brian krakow was the writer of THE LETTER. The Letter is kind of infamous around girls of a certain age. it's like a female touchstone of sorts. however! what gets my goat is that few girls even remember that it was krakow who wrote the letter, and they just use The Letter as evidence to bolster their adolescent yearnings for jordan catalano. the final episode of my so-called life also marked the point where angela's dad makes out with the woman financing his restaurant. a woman who is not his wife. dun dun duuuuuuuun. it was epic! and then...nothing!!! hopefully ronnie doesn't do it, and i can get maximum logan echolls and veronica mars time to sustain me for the cold, empty years to come.

for dinner tonight i packed leftover veggie lasagne from last week. the family is having split pea and ham soup, featuring leftover ham i had frozen from a few weeks ago, over the holiday. i REALLY love split pea and ham soup, so i might wait and have a late dinner of that instead. the secret to my split pea and ham soup is the unusually high proportion of mirepoix, and the addition of a sweet potato to add some body and a bit of sweetness to offset the saltiness of the ham. they're also having toasted and buttered fred's potato and onion bread alongside the soup.

recent food trend: bacon in desserts. i've seen candied bacon showing up all over the place...and on top chef a couple of weeks ago, one of the cooks sent out a dessert bite that blew my mind. half a ripe strawberry, topped with swirl of sweetened mascarpone, garnished with a lardon of bacon. GENIUS. sweet and salty is an amazing flavour combination, and i'm only surprised it's taken people this long to come up with it.


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No more Veronica Mars!?! Hey!