Saturday, January 13, 2007

the weekend! featuring: most righteous relaxation

family time this weekend. my sis is coming to visit with the two wee bobbins. it's actually kind of disturbing how much i love those kids. and they're not even the fruit of my own loins. when (if) i have kids, it's going to be redonkulous. and yet, random kids really gross me out. like in jesus camp, seeing all those 8 and 9 year old kids sobbing and snivelling was pretty repulsive to me. random kids bawling their eyes out just inspires feelings of disgust. i'm definitely NOT one of those girls who has this burning desire for chillun'. just like i'm definitely NOT one of those girls who has a burning desire to get married and make a big production out of the whole thing. so not me. i'm also NOT one of those people who likes raisins.

so this weekend is going to consist of: seeing "children of men", playing guitar hero (wolfmother, kansas, here i come!!!), eating (asian legend, all you can eat japanese, and hopefully, all you can eat chinese hot pot), and loafing. and maybe sneaking a peek or two at my foucault readings.

i made my brother in law an early birthday cake. it's a s'mores cake (yes, there's a recurring theme in my cooking...i like s'mores, or the concept of s'mores...actual s'mores are pretty lacklustre). there's a layer of graham crust, topped with a chocolate chip studded chocolate cake, topped with a marshmallow layer that i'm going to brule with a torch.


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