Wednesday, January 10, 2007

wamp wamp

i like the backtrack for this tune. it's got this clacky vaguely middle-eastern vibe going on. it's by clipse feat. slim thug. yesterday i went through rolling stone's top 100 songs of the year list and wrote down some shiz i thought i should check out. the best was what they said about rick ross. something about how "hustlin'" is so phat that he managed to get away with rhyming "atlantic" with well..."atlantic". haha!

i read 10 chapters of one of my research methods texts last night. so boring! it basically comes down to this: "don't believe the hype". it's 10 chapters of reiterating how research and (gasp!) statistics can be biased and how you have to ask yourself questions to weed through the bias.

after my 8 hour shift tonight, i'm going to see "jesus camp" at the bloor cinema. it's a documentary (that i'm fairly certain i've mentioned in an earlier post) about these evangelical youth camps training kids to fight in god's army. scary!!!

last night for dinner i ended up making a stir-fry of chinese long beans, tofu, chinese eggplant, and bok choy with udon noodles in chili black bean sauce. tonight we're having that eggplant pasta with the baked ricotta from yesterday. and if i can get my act together, for dessert we're going to have sticky toffee pudding with bourbon caramel sauce. we're having a friend over for dinner, thus the dessert.

i also love this man -->


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dr. rei said...

looool! he also rhymes 22 with 22. and MIAO with YAYO and EH-OH. nevertheless, he is the BAWSS!