Friday, January 19, 2007

top chef!

i love this show! but it definitely shows that cooks are crazy mofos, always negotiating the ultra-thin line between creative perfectionist and effed up bully sadist (i wonder if those are both interchangeable). however, allow me to draw your attention to
this ---->
that is padma lakshmi, the host of "top chef". she's quite a looker, right? i mean, i think we can pretty much generally agree that she's pretty freakin' hot. so in WHAT UNIVERSE does THAT woman, end up in the arms of...

wait for it...

that's right. SALMAN RUSHDIE. something about this couple just don't sit right with me...i can't quite put my finger on it...hmmm....

yesterday was fun. although i think i got made fun of by a classmate for my typed notes on foucault. i just prefer to do it that way so that i'm not aimlessly flipping through a book all the time, so that all the information that i need to discuss the text is laid out in front of me, and highlighted with my own thoughts and interpretations. it was kind of awkward, and brought me back to some high-school moments when i felt very self-conscious about caring about school and being interested in some subjects, and people called me out on it. it's like, i pretty much loathed my first semester at FIS, and you're going to try to take this away from me too? HELLS NO. class yesterday was's fascinating to hear other people's readings of foucault, and compare and contrast with how they differ from my own.

we also tried to do a foucauldean discursive reading of myspace. now, i've made my feelings of myspace fairly clear. i think it's stupid and silly and a time burgler. i read the "confessional" quality of myspace (and also blogging, oh dear!!!) as the need of the subject to be recognized as a subject, occupying the space that the power-knowledge matrices of production have made available, and ultimately depend on for their own continual iteration. i think there's a paper in there somewhere...and i want to write it!

i caught the boy nosing around on facebook the other day and i gave him hell. here's the thing: you haven't THOUGHT about people from high school, grade school, college etc. for years and years and years. the ones you WANTED to keep in touch with, you did. so why bother?!? it seems so pointless. i know i'm a totally different person now then when i was, oh, i don't know, five (you don't say!), and i think the probability that i would hit it off with someone who was in my life then, through the random mapping of fate, is equal to the probability that i would hit it off with someone i met today, again through the random mapping of fate. also, don't complain to ME about how there's not enough time in your life. if you didn't spend countless hours in the hinterland of myspace and facebook and youtube, then maybe you could accomplish all that shiz. but that's clearly me transposing my own desires and personality onto others. fine, i can accept that. i know i have a freakish need for constant productivity. and that i'm just privileging the way i choose to waste time over other people's, because i'm a judgemental f**k like that.

at the same time, i can't help but wonder at people who have the time and resources and luxury to go around sending people links to "funny" shiz they "found" after endless time trolling the most vapid recesses of the net. i mean, i'm sure youtube has some funny s**t, but i guess i'm just not the kind of person who does the aimless net surfing in the hopes of hitting that funny goldmine. i'm very results-driven.

and let me say it: i didn't find JT's d**k in a box all that funny. it was amusing, but i didn't do the proverbial LOL.

today is pretty low-key. i'm working a 4 hour shift at the library that i loathe and then coming home nice and early. friday is designated "stats day". so i'm going to be doing a lot of reading and researching my upcoming paper.

for dinner tonight, i think i'm going to take a break from cooking and rejoice in the return of JEAN'S to the east-side! jean's fine food catering was the BEST thai restaurant in toronto, run by a little, wizened husband and his robust wife, in a pretty grungy storefront at woodbine and queen. they do this thing where they open for a few years, burn out, take a year or two off, then reopen again. i was heartbroken when they closed down last, and pretty much haven't eaten thai food since. but huzzah! they've reopened! and get this: THEY'RE CLOSER TO MY HOUSE THEN EVER BEFORE!!! they're in the danforth and greenwood area, and they're only doing vegetarian cooking now. i got tipped off about it from the toronto chowhound board. i'll probably get takeout with the roomie and the boy. i can't wait! full review with pictures to follow.


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