Thursday, January 11, 2007

stats nightmares

secondary gist of stats analysis seems to be: don't trust any statistic you read. which is all fine and dandy, but then what's the point of inferential statistical analysis? why even bother? my research methods course seems to be preparing me to question and analyze and account for any inconsistency, bias, sample contamination, etc., to the point where i wonder why we even put any emphasis on statistics gathering in the first place.

jesus camp was quite creepy. although it pandered to my tendency to paint all religious people as bordering on zealotry. ultimately, i just feel sorry for those kids. it can go a few ways. hopefully, they'll rebel like crazy during their teenage years and listen to marilyn manson (or their generational counterpart) and have crazy monkey sex and do loads of drugs, OR they'll still have crazy monkey sex and do loads of drugs but flagellate themselves over it. the parents were the creepiest of the creepies. lots of homeschooling and boredom, anti-creationism, and anti-global warming propaganda. the documentary was interspersed with radio-show clips from another evangelist, who believes that the conservative right have co-opted christianity in a bid to collapse the divide between church and state.

speaking of global warming, i heard a statistic (!!!!!) on the radio this morning that 2006 was the second warmest year in 60 years of record keeping, with 1998 being the warmest. then the radio announcer said: "chicken littles attribute this to global warming". HOLY CRAP!!!! this bulls**t makes me so freakin' mad! i thought of a good business. i think more people would be inclined to carpool if there was someone who would do the organizing and screening for them. i think that most people aren't opposed to car-pooling, it's just a lot of trouble when you don't know anyone in your neighbourhood, and it's difficult sorting out the cars and stuff. i think the business should be government-subsidized, and you just do all the organizing for people so that they only have to show up, and it's done. i think i'm going to bring this to the mayor.

seriously though, worrying about global warming is kind of doing my head in.

in other news, senor el baptismo found me at the library again. and he ratcheted things up by asking me out for coffee. i told him i like to maintain a separation between work and personal life. he seemed fairly persistent though. if he tries again i'm going to ask him if he wants carnal knowledge from me. he wants secular love! he's also kind of stupid. in the sense that he seems to have a hard time following what i'm saying. he has a tendency to rephrase what i said in his response, but he never really nails it. maybe it's part of his pastor-training, but as the recipient of that conversational technique, it kind of makes the user look a little slow.

today is another monster day...i have class from 1-4, and then from 6:30-9:30. which means dinner for me tonight is the last of the indian food leftovers.


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