Sunday, January 07, 2007

research methods

is already going to make me want to kill someone. bigtime. what a time-waster. it's basically a stats-analysis course, and the prof sounds like a righteous blowhard. i got the syllabus already. talk about snooze-fest 2020. fine, i suppose it *might* be useful. but i highly doubt it. and dude's all strict about deadlines and shiz. as if. you can take your "deadlines" and STUFF IT, mister. i've NEVER known anyone to complete graduate school who didn't play around with this ephemeral thing we call "deadlines".

the syllabus also contained this little gem about sending the prof emails: "email should be composed 'in proper, courteous english, with a proper salutation'. email should typically used in two circumstances: to ask questions that can be answered with a yes/no reply; and urgent messages regarding a health/bereavement situation. please phrase your questions such that they can be answered with a yes/no reply. (emphasis mine) should you have more than one question per email, please number the questions." see? snoozefest! i'm already vomiting my disgust and disdain all over this busy-work session.

this one i also like: "this course assumes that each student will spend 9-10 hours per week outside of scheduled class time completing any required readings and assignments" LOL!!!!!!!!!!

it sounds like a bunch of scare tactics. and it also sounds like unless i'm going to be pleasantly surprised by the prof, i'm going to need a new t-shirt that reads: RESEARCH METHODS CAN F**K ITSELF IN THE EAR.

i hate courses like this. it's just quantity over quality. these kinds of things make me want to get ultra-obnoxious and all situationist on their sorry asses.

anyway, relish wine bar and grill was pretty good, but not great. standout dish was the lamb empanadas with pomegranate glaze. other notable mentions: the grilled calamari was fairly tender and succulent, although conceptually weak (served with halved grape tomatoes and some indistinguishable aioli), the lobster potstickers featured a tasty, vaguely asian-inspired filling redolent with sesame oil, and featured a pleasantly chewy wrapper, but again was sided with an indifferent, nondescript aioli. the annato rubbed pork ribs were juicy and falling off the bone (due to their being braised as opposed to smoked), and were sauced in a pleasantly sweet bbq sauce. there was also an eggplant dip that was quite nice, and eggplant fritters that were encased in an eggy, moussey batter.

weak point was the focaccia. the bread had no taste, the mie (the interior of the bread) was very generic and soft, with none of the gluteny brawn of proper bread, and overall, it was a doughy, thick, undersalted and underwhelming offering, regardless that it is "housebaked" (which incidentally doesn't necessarily mean made in house...they could be getting frozen dough and just baking it in house...oooh the deception!). another dish of roasted pepper, artichoke and tapenade was served frigid and was therefore unpleasant to eat. i had a caramel panna cotta that was served inverted, like a flan or creme caramel. the caramel flavour was darkly roasted and bittersweet, but the panna cotta had way too much gelatin in it, defeating the purpose of making the dish in panna cotta form. panna cottas should be softly, gently quivering masses yielding creamy spoonfuls of milky goodness. because this had to be unmolded like a flan, it was bouncy and al dente.

dinner is indian feast night. we're having spinach, zucchini and eggplant pakoras simmered in a tomato-cream based curry sauce. with eggplant bharta, naan and coconut almond lime rice (rice steamed in coconut milk and lime zest, tossed with toasted almonds and coconut). maybe samosas but something tells me that won't be necessary.


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