Thursday, January 25, 2007

pide for me-day

last night's dinner plans got shuffled around due to the very exciting prospect of us having a car for a fleeting amount of time (the boy had to do label-related errands). so, we seized the day and pounced on the opportunity to try this turkish pizza place at gerrard and pape (normally easily within walking distance from our house, but due to inclement weather and sluggish ambitions, dependent on the comfort of a vehicle). the place is called pizza pide (pronounced pee-day), and the pies are fantastic! that's what they look like, they're really thin-crusted and shaped like extremely elongated footballs,
some are sharply tapered at the end, and some are just long ovals. the one on the far left is ground lamb and veggies. the one in the middle was my favorite, it was turkish sausage and mozzarella. right before baking they crack two eggs into it, so they come out with the yolks just barely's like the ultimate breakfast pizza. the one on the right is ground beef and veggies. we could barely get them home fast enough. and there was more than enough for 3 people, at only $30! the meal also comes with a paper plate of "salad". the salad was a little conceptually lacking for me, it's basically a plate consisting of a bunch of parsley, 1 hungarian chili pepper chopped into 3 pieces, thick pieces of white onion, and hunks of extremely anemic looking winter tomatoes. no dressing. i think it's just meant to be eaten in between bites of pizza to cut the "cookedness" of the pizza flavour. not my style, really.

in other news: i got my marks back! i'm a solidly a- student. which is good enough for me, considering i wrote all my major assignments the night before or morning of their due date, and put in maybe 15% of my effort.

in other other news: i might be throwing a party in may, but i'm feeling reluctant. i'm so hooked on throwing jams, i love organizing and putting it all together, but i'm sceptical as to whether i really want to take on another event (this one is going to be super-expensive) for the spoiled and ungrateful toronto drum'n'bass community. i DID just get a bursary though, so who knows, maybe i'll blow it on obscure, left-field, drum-heavy artists from the united kingdom. sounds like fun, doesn't it?

i have my first assignment for stats due in three weeks, and i haven't even started. eek-city. i'm strangely not TOO worried at the moment, and i'm also stacking my calendar with mad social engagements, so i think i'm sublimating my latent anxiety by being reckless and bold. i can deal with that level of freudian analysis.

i'm really digging the four tet remix of sia's "breathe me". it's the exact kind of breathy, girly vocal atmo digibeats that i love. and yes, fine, maybe it WAS featured on veronica mars.

today is long day. after school there's a slim slim chance that i'm going to go to the victory cafe to see the boy's friend's band play...but i'm not sure. the singer-songwriter scene isn't really my bag. i have a problem with earnestness as a performance aesthetic. i either like jokes, swaggering posturing, dance-friendliness, or to be blinded by the sheer maelstrom of talent (ie. when i go to see say, brad mehldau or something). middle of the road songs about love and heartbreak based on the one relationship you had when you were 15 don't really cut it. in other news...i think i like that akon tune, with the charming name, "smack that".

i'm packing a dinner of split pea and ham soup, and a nicoise sandwich: canned tuna, olives, roasted peppers, basil leaves and tomato, drenched in olive oil and bagna cauda on an ace bakery ciabatta bun.


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