Sunday, January 21, 2007

pearls of wisdom

gleaned last night:

a) i do a killer shakira impression (to add to my stable of impressions, next to my donald fagan from steely dan)
b) according to the boy, i'm addicted to: food and NOT exercising. haha
c) it wouldn't take us all that much money to go down on rita mcneil for half an hour. this conversation stemmed from the initial opener of how much it would take for us to take it in the butt from a priest. the initial offer was $500 000, but apparently again, our standards are really low and we're desperate for cash, because we eventually talked it down to $250 000. i'd probably go down on a priest for $50 000 for 10 minutes. in my defense, i understood the priest to look like captain jean luc picard, or the dad from frasier. i think dr. rei was thinking the priest was more in the baron harkonnen from dune pantheon of priestly repulsiveness.

the point was: it was funny to the 3449503984nth power.

sunday brunch is going to be garlic breakfast sausages from the mennonites, alongside either challah french toast or swedish pancakes topped with banana pecan sauce. tonight for dinner we're having stromboli. which is kind of like a calzone, but you roll out the pizza dough, layer on the filling, and then roll it up like a sausage. so it comes out looking like giant sausage-shaped torpedo of crispy pizza dough. when you cut into it, the inside is spiralled through with the filling. i'm filling it with roasted peppers, basil, provolone, and various salamis. we're having this with a spinach salad with avocado, red onion, grape tomatoes, toasted salted pumpkin seeds, and lemon vinaigrette.


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dr.rei said...

this night was effing hilarious.

*holds up fork w/ fig and pancetta*


love youz