Friday, January 12, 2007

the office (u.s. version)

has completely and utterly won me over. stolen a precious piece of my heart. in the grand tradition of mercy being about five years behind the times (so sue me! i have a lot of interests!) i've discovered the office after just about everyone else in the world and want to sing it from the rooftops, only to find that my "revelation" is seriously dated and demode.

it's one of the funniest shows i've seen in forever. we're slowly doling out episodes to make them last longer...and each one has us HOWLING and belly-laughing. all the characters are so endearing. i love shows where the writing is so good you have a hard time picking a favorite.

other than that, my classes yesterday looked pretty good on paper. online information retrieval is going to be's like detective work...they teach you how to be a super-searcher. surveillance and identity has the potential to be good, but the class size is freakin' huge! and it's more of a tutorial-based thing. FIS is so effed up. how are you supposed to generate discussion with 40 kids around a table?!? way to NOT limit class sizes, you nards. but some of my classmates in the class have some cool of them wrote an m.a. thesis on reality television (paging tash!!!), and another one listed a side-interest in food and food production.

so, i was in the library the other day, and i just randomly grabbed this book off the shelf, it's written by some professor in maryland or something, a dude with a phd. the book is about a vampire, who gets the hots for jesus (who he calls "joshu" like a pet name or something), propositions jesus, gets turned down. goes on a murderous rape and pillage of ancient whereverthecrap they are. jesus gets crucified, dude propositions him one last time while jesus is hanging on the cross. jesus says no. then it follows vampire dude up to modern day, when the secrets of his past come to haunt him. okay. can you imagine if your PROFESSOR showed you THAT book?!? and said that HE wrote it?!? weirded out!!!

tonight for dinner i'm meeting a friend here for movies and dinner, and she's stopping by ghandi's to pick up rotis. so my dinner will be half sag paneer roit, half malak kofta roti, a ginger beer, and i've been craving ice cream like mad lately, so maybe we'll grab some ice cream for dessert, or eat the rest of the stick toffee pudding with bourbon caramel.


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