Saturday, January 27, 2007

octopus dj did it again!

dude LOVES to make me mad. absolutely loves it. there's no other possible explanation. he'll go from bringing the crowd up with 6 or 7 ace reggae tunes, and then, completely ignoring the crowd's reaction, play 5 disco tunes. it's so annoying. or he'll go from dropping biggie, to cheese-ball michael jackson's "don't stop til you get enough". now, don't get me wrong, i LOVE michael jackson as much as the next person (circa 1987, not now), BUT "don't stop til you get enough" is PLAYED OUT AT THE CLUB, SON. it's like the "brown eyed girl" of this particular club scene. just don't do it. please.

my mind is kind of curdled right now, so i don't have much to say. what i DO know is that tonight i'm going to be maxing and relaxing on the couch, stuffing my face in a big, big way. for dinner, i think we're going to order mama's pizza and eat dill pickle chips and drink rootbeer (me), wine and beerski (the family and our friend). for dessert, i'm going to make a pecan bread pudding with challah, and serve it with the bourbon caramel sauce.


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