Friday, January 05, 2007

no snow

is really starting to mess me up and stress me out. i'm one of those people who doesn't mind snow and cold and doesn't really get seasonal affective disorder, and i've always appreciated that toronto is one of those cities that gets to experience the textbook rendition of all 4 seasons. that's what's so great about the place. so i'm not one of the people rejoicing in the lack of snow, and because of my hyperchondriac/neurotic tendencies and doomsday worrying, i'm actually spending a disproportionate amount of time concerned with global warming.

i've always been an energy saver in the extreme. i'm the one who has to be convinced by the rest of the denizens at the house to turn on the air conditioner. i'm the one who has to be convinced and lobbied to turn on the heat. i'm also pretty rabid about turning off lights when not in use. to the point where the boy has come home to find me chatting on the phone in the inky shadows of the dusk, because of my ocd-based, slavish devotion to coming as close to a zero carbon footprint as possible. seeing "the inconvenient truth" this summer and a documentary on peak oil only strengthened my resolve and ratcheted up my anxiety levels. seeing people drive cars in the city kind of makes me nutso. especially when it's something that's easily accomplished via ttc or walking.

the point is, i'm freaking out.

here's what gave me some joy yesterday. i have a sinking suspicion that the proximity of the two separate thrusts of my blog today have rendered me a hypocrite, but i'm going to continue doggedly ahead, with the conscience-mitigating caveat that the t-fal ez clean fryer doesn't stay plugged in all the time, only when in use. i LOVE THIS FRYER! i got it for xxxmas. it's really easy to clean, easy to use, and the oil automatically filters and drains into a holding chamber after use. fantastic!!! the chicken livers turned out beyond my expectations, and they were also the springboard for an appetizer idea.

the plate would consist of fried, panko-crusted chicken livers, served medium, with a shallot, bacon, and mustard vinaigrette sauce, with some toasted brioche rounds and a small pile of confit (read: caramelized) onions. i think it's a winner!

today for lunch i'm meeting h for eggplant sammies at st. lawrence market. tonight for dinner i'm making paella, with sofrito, saffron, chorizo, shrimp, scallops, squid and clams. and leftover sweet potato pecan pie for dessert.



Hannah said...

Yianni's grilled veggie pita was a poor substitute for the Mustachio eggplant supreme, but lunch was still fun! Thanks for the pie and soup - I shall eat it tomorrow (and return the container with haste). p.s. I bought the H&M sweatshirt.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

the search for the fuzzy keds continues!

furthermore, i bought two tops in a 2 for $30 deal at a store of questionable repute.

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