Monday, January 15, 2007

mondays are le poopoo

and how! having 6.5 hours of class and then 3.5 hours of work consecutively are NOT doing it for me at all.

i don't have much time to ruminate on my weekend, so i'll just share my dream with you. i dreamt i was hanging out with christina aguilera, in her current 40-50s vargas-girl, bombshell siren incarnation. i was digging through her wardrobe and gabbing and she was very warm and welcoming. the sucky part is, i was consciously telling myself in the dream, to remember to ask her what it was like working with dj premier, and then my alarm went off and woke me up before i got the (sure to be) scintillating answer. bogus!

tonight i packed myself a dinner of roasted tomato soup, with a smoked paprika, parsley, and caramelized onion chickpea spread. the spread is an idea that i got from eating similar things in spain...a dish that i saw frequently consisted of sliced chorizo and chickpeas sizzled together with a squeeze of lemon. delicious!



mark said...

i called you saturday night, i was roaming around your neck of the woods, but you were not home! =(

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

i was in markham, ironically.


next time for sure, dude!