Saturday, January 20, 2007


is happiness encased in non-biodegradeable styrofoam. i forgot to take pictures as i was too busy stuffing pad thai, pad see yew, basil eggplant, and "chicken" green curry into my gaping, slavering maw. i haven't had much experience with asian "mock" meat, but it rocks! they even go to the effort of imprinting little rosy stripes on the soy-based, pale fingers of "shrimp". it was absolutely delicious. i'm so glad they're back! the roomie picked it up on her way home from a hospital visit, and she said they weren't very i'm a little worried. i'm going to make it my weekly takeout destination and try to single-handedly keep them afloat. it's my civic duty!!! if only all civic duties were so enjoyably exercised.

in other civic duties news, i was supporting my local italian grocery store, masellis. they make their own proscuitto, and the man working the deli is sweetly geriatric, with bright eyes peering out at you behind glasses, and he's going a little deaf. i was getting some salami cut, and was passing the meat counter, when i saw a lovely, plush, proud roll of white that could only be fat. i stopped short in my tracks and was practically drooling in anticipation. the butcher, sensing the palpable waves of lust, told me that it was pork fat (!!!!!!!!). i have NO IDEA what i'm going to do with it, but it was calling to me, on some micro-sensory level. i tried to buy myself some time: "do you always have it in?" a regretful headshake was my unsatisfactory reply. so i bought it, with the butcher's assurances that it could be frozen.

in other news, yesterday was a writeoff. by the time i got back from work and errands, it was 4:30pm, and the roomie had been to two births in two days and was coasting on about 8 hours of sleep over a 50 some hour span. so i gave up and have made today STATS DAY. tonight we're having dr. rei over for dinner and shenanigans (read: gabbing on the couch) as i doubt we'll be motivated to leave the comfy confines of our home. a friend of the boy's who lives around the corner was saying that we should all go out sometime. and i was like: " you like to dance? cuz we like to go dancing, or hear music". the idea of going to a bar to drink a few rounds of beer seems pointless to me. a) because it's more expensive b) because the environment and food is always better at home c) because the idea of going out for a whole night without dancing doesn't really compute. and well, i should probably add d) because i don't drink at all. but still!

tonight for dinner we're having turkey pot pie. with leftover thanksgiving turkey chunks bound with a creamy, parsley-flecked sauce, alongside chunks of rutabaga, carrots, parsnips and peas all topped with puff pastry. with a salad of mixed greens, and roasted gorgonzola stuffed, pancetta-wrapped figs. in a light balsamic-based vinaigrette. the figs at this one veggie store on the danforth were so round, so plump, so fatly succulent that i had to get them. before deciding to put them in the salad, for dessert, i was going to make a rosemary crusted mascarpone and fig tart. slicing the figs and laying them over the tart and then bruleeing the whole. but i arbitrarily decided to make a chocolate creme brulee instead. the roomie and dr. rei both love custards and i have a pile of amazing scharfen berger chocolate that my sis buys for me. pictures will definitely follow!



dr.rei said...

can't wait for gab night at the social! (aka your couch on saturdays)

also, the pork fat story!!! ahahaha you kill me!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

dinner's at 7pm!

p.s. i hope you don't mind that i'm going to be entertaining in my pjs.

dr.rei said...

omg, i just noticed CHOCOLATE CREME BRULEE!

you are the wind beneath my wings <3

Miss Emma-Lee said...

I actually picked up Jean's for the first time yesterday and loved it too! Soooooo yummy! I'll help you try to keep them running.