Monday, January 29, 2007

healthy train de-railed

everything was going well yesterday, and then we somehow got it into our heads to make rice krispie treats, which was the beginning of the end. we made a batch of regular rice krispie treats, and peanut butter rice krispie treats, and we each ate about 4 big squares each. they go down so easy! like shooters! like marshmallow and cereal shooters!

i'm cutting class like a mofo today. i don't feel like sitting through one of those aimless stats lectures. the prof is probably one of the worst lecturers i've ever had the misfortune of experiencing. he basically belabours the most BASIC points OVER AND OVER again, while speedily glossing over the more complicated terminology and statistical constructs. the fact that we're not actually required to DO any of the equations makes things much, much worse. it's like we're learning a bunch of terms without any framework or relationship to each other, they're a bunch of floating signifiers. it's like someone trying to teach someone french by handing them a french-english dictionary, and that's it. brutal! it's such a colossal waste of time. and if there's one thing i detest, it's a time-waster...i got too much other s**t to do. although i just found out that the t.a. marking the first assignment is offering a help session today...which means i should probably get my ass to school anyway. crikey!

also, i got called back for a full time job at tpl that i applied for. it's 35 hours a week and the pay is $43,000 - $46,000, which would probably double the most amount of money that i've ever made in my LIFE, ever. the thing is, i just applied so that i could go through the interview process, i didn't think i'd get called back...that's a lot of money to walk away from when you're a student...we'll see how it goes...if i get it, my choice is to a) say no and keep working myself into debt or b) do it, drop down to part-time school, and post-pone the point where i graduate and then start making librarian money (assuming there's even full time librarian jobs in tpl). ah well...we'll see how i do on the interview bit, first.

for dinner tonight we're having lentil soup, with grilled cheddar and white onion sandwiches on focaccia. and a rice krispie treat (A rice krispie treat. singular) for dessert.


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