Monday, January 08, 2007

first day of term deux

hopefully this term is as much of a throwaway as last term, meaning i can while away my hours doing menu planning, watching tv on dvd, being feisty, and catching up on celebrity gossip.

i finished reading two comics recently. "the placebo man" by homer tanuka has a great cover design, but the collection left me feeling kind of blah. it consists of a series of stories featuring a naive line-drawing style that depict strange, hallucinatory vignettes infused with a sense of foreboding and malignance. the stories were just kind of boring and typical, and when it comes to emo-y dark angsty stuff, i much prefer adrian tomine's work.

the other one i read was called "the chuckling whatsit". now that was a story! it's a hitchcockian thriller with this macabre cast of characters filled with mystery, horror and intrigue. unwinding the threads of the story and keeping the sub-plots straight was a little tricky, but it was completely engrossing throughout, and the drawing style suited the narrative and underlined the creepiness of the world the author (richard sala), created. if you have the means i highly recommend it.

today is one of my long days. i have class from 9-12:30, then 1-4, then i have to high-tail it to work and work a shift from 5-8:30pm. meaning it's a full 12 hour day with only a few breaks. i packed a dinner of leftovers from last night, but as i only get a 15 minute break at work, i'm going to have to try to cram it all in in 15 minutes, which can't be good for my digestion.

the family is having leftovers as well, with the addition of a coconut dhal that the boy is making. additionally, the boy is starting some kind of detox thing today, featuring the addition of greens plus, detox brand to his diet. i'm HIGHLY sceptical of how greens plus purports to work, and further, how spirulina and green tea (which are the principle ingredients from my disdainful reading of the ingredient list) "detoxify" your system. why don't people eat FOOD anymore? north american culture's relationship to food is so effed up, it's like a pathological sickness.

additionally, the computer reformat went a-ok, except for one little problem, i can't find my soundcard drivers to install...and i don't know which soundcard i have, or how to figure that out. any suggestions from the world at large would be appreciated! i've definitely done a few reformats in the past few years, the last one was maybe 6 months or so ago, and i think i figured it out then, but i'm drawing a blank now.


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