Wednesday, January 03, 2007


i not-so-secretly love nativity scenes, the more complex, the better. the effort involved in re-creating the birth of sweet baby jesus with cardboard or plastic figurines and putting straw or hay in the manger is beyond awesome to me. this probably stems from too many family vacations spent at disneyworld, which was the genesis of my life-long love for animatronics. in fact, my favorite "ride" at disney world wasn't a ride at all, but a moving theatre of staged scenes that served as a thinly veiled ad for general electric. it is called "the carousel of progress" and a quick search on wikipedia reveals that it holds a special place in the heart of walt disney himself - it is widely believed that it is his favourite ride. it follows a "typical" american family through the ages reaping the untold and wondrous innovations that electricity has made possible. it had an amazing theme song, which i still know the words to, but wikipedia has informed me that to my intense distress, the song has been re-written. i hope the one i know is the one they kept.

last night as we were walking along the danny, we came upon an empty manger, that had been demarcated with a sign that read (quite enigmatically) "what is missing"? it was mucho bizarreo. here is a horrendous picture of myself...i'm feeling slightly under the weather and i had gone for a brisk walk, ergo, vis-a-vis, my hair makes me look like a witchy woman. see how i debase myself for my (admittedly limited) reading public?

because i was feeling unwell i called in sick to work yesterday. marking the first time in 2007 i've skipped a shift at the library. hopefully, it won't continue thus and i can resume my good standing in that institution. hopefully. yesterday ended up being a write-off. but today is the day of the return to Reality. reality bites. now i understand that movie. working sucks. school sucks. everything but leisure sucks. i guess i had to start doing something because i was beginning to develop bed sores. but still! still i say! i shouldn't complain because a lot of people don't have the luxury of 3 weeks off around the holidays. but still! still i say!

i didn't feel like cooking, so we ate wings from makkah. the dude who runs the cash at makkah is extremely bad at math. the last time he was there he took our money and didn't give us any change (we were due back about $2 and a bit), this time, he gave me back 17 cents more than i should have gotten, but i figured it was part of our karmic destiny.

i get really stressed out when i see people my age with fancy apartments and clothes that i associate with being grown-up or upwardly mobile. like an apartment that's all matchy-matchy or all showroom-y, or features leather anything. i just can't relate. i'm also starting to get stressed out that maybe i should start wearing makeup. i don't know how though!

tonight for dinner we're having the minestrone with white beans, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, beans and other vegetal goodness, along with toasted fred's potato bread and butter. i'm getting my life back on track, dammit!


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