Thursday, January 18, 2007

clothes make the person???

after a filling and msg-laden lunch at kelseys on saturday, i convinced my sister to let me take her to winner's to get her some work clothes. i was really impressed with about 45 minutes, i got her two pairs of pants, 1 suit, 1 suit jacket, 3 tops, and a pair of shoes, for a total of at least 7 different outfit combinations. i think in another life, i would enjoy being a stylist. the problem is, as with most potential careers for me, i'm pretty choosy. i don't like working with people i don't like. this severely limits my potential client pool, as i only really like maybe 5% of people* (*error percentage of 5%. thank you, stats analysis!)

i really do believe that looking good makes you feel good, and that sometimes people need a fresh set of eyes to shake them out of their sartorial funk, or body issues/misconceptions. i also think it's important that my sister, who is fearsomely smart and talented, look her very best especially at work, so that the outside matches the inside. my sis has a tendency to be a bit of a martyr and put herself on the back-burner and she's so awesome that she deserves some self-spoiling. i love you, little ze's mama! here are some pictures of my favorite people on earth from this weekend, just for good measure. little ze is looking less and less like a fat chinaman, but good lord he's so cute! also included is a picture from my family's 3 guitar band. featuring 1 classical, 2 toy.

and let it be said again: I LOVE SCHOOL!!! this semester is rocking so hard! my two classes with prof. phillips are engaging, and constructed in a very proactive way that calls for a lot of student participation (my favorite!!!). i really feel more in my element. the readings are fascinating and generally approach things from an analytical perspective that resonates deeply with me. i'm interested, motivated and driven again, which compared to the lethargic torpor of last term, is a welcome and fresh perspective.

even the less theoretically driven class, online information retrieval, is proving very useful. at last i feel justified in my criticisms of google, and i know WHY. it's also a shame that people who believe that you can find ANYTHING on the internet, and who use google as their primary search engine, blindly handing over their information fate to the capricious whims of the algorhythmic gods, don't know how much they're missing, and just how much more is available if you simply took the time to produce an orderly search strategy. i've always found google woefully inadequate at producing information of a detailed or rigorous's excellent at random and general queries, but i've generally found it difficult to focus on very narrow, particular, or arcane subjects. which isn't to say that i've succumbed to the conceit implicit in my eventual professional designation of "information specialist" (har har!), but that i wish this know-how was more readily available so that the true powers of the internet could be harnessed.

there's more, but i have to go do some reading before monster day. the good news is, i took stock and realized that i can't commit to an 8 hour shift at the library on wednesdays. it's just not feasible and my work would sacrifice (note: caring about school means that your workload increases exponentially). so i've trimmed my wednesday shift down to the original 4 hours in the morning, leaving me with most of tuesday and wednesday to do school.

having done that, last night i was home to partake of veggie lasagne, which was delicious. i made that radicchio, fennel, parsley and romano bean salad again and we ate that with pumpkin pie, sans the boy's friend, who just decided to flake out without calling, which i consider the hallmark of a ne'er-do-well. oh well, his loss. he can eat his michelina's frozen 1.99 entree in the miserable confines of his lonely hovel to his own spiritual and bodily detriment (i have no idea if this is the case, but i'm taking literary liberties). tonight i'm packing either leftover lasagne, or stir fried udon for dinner at the lovely claude t. bissel building, home of the faculty of information studies.



Little Ze said...

I love you too Karl Lagerfeld, Esq. I got plenty of compliments the last couple of days wearing the Winners ensembles.

Little Ze's Mama said...

That post was from Little Ze's mama -- the enter key got hit too soon!

schmee said...

lately, i find that half my google searches just take me to wikipedia. useless. still, you can't really expect the general internet crowd to have a search strategy when they can't even pronounce boolean let alone use it.

Chris said...

DUDE!!! ive posted on your blog before. you just dont notice things! you never many times would i be dressed nicely and you never even bothered to say something?!?!
im hurt.....

anyways, google was cutting edge when it came out, but like all things that get to big for itself, the waterdown effect comes into play. also, as google becomes involved in more diverse internet venture, their actual serach engine is not going to be the focus of their business..

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

chris: didn't i notice when you wore JEANS for the first time in 10 years at my house?! you're talking crazy talk.

schmee: that's what i'm talking about...the need to educate peeps so the true wonders of the information superhighway can be harnessed and used by all! (not just those pesky terrorists) ha!