Wednesday, January 17, 2007

children of men

i saw this over the weekend with my siblings. i thought it was fantastic, evidenced by the fact that i wanted to talk about it afterwards and pick it apart, and tell other people to see it so that i could then talk about it with them. first of all, i love clive owen. which is weird, because he's a very man man, whereas i usually go for boys or dudes. i was shocked that it was based on a p.d. james novel, probably in a way that is revealing of my own biases, i had always assumed that p.d. james wrote schlocky suspense novels and churned them out by the dozen. i thought the concept and the execution were really clever, and what i liked most about the film, is that it wasn't so self-reflexively caught up in its own conceit. i find a lot of films nowadays come up with an idea, and then want to hammer you over the head with just how look-at-me! clever the idea is, to the point where it interrupts the viewing of the film. case(s) in point: crash, little miss sunshine, most wes anderson flicks, etc. this film also features a hippie'd out michael caine, which is amusing in and of itself. i'm already a fan of dystopian speculative fiction, so maybe i'm already predisposed to give myself over to the world and world-view of the narrative, but i really thought it was a visually and theoretically interesting film. apparently the soundtrack was compiled by one of the dubstep dudes. the music chosen worked well with the movie, but i'm kind of hoping that film scoring doesn't go out the window. where would we be without the overwrought melodrama of john williams? or hans zimmer? we'd have to completely reconstruct how we watch movies if film scoring became obsolete. which would be an interesting exercise, come to think of it.

so i've listened to almost all of the clipse album "hell hath no fury". it's hit and miss for me. i really like "wamp wamp" "dirty money" and "we got it for cheap" and "ain't cha" is aight. i'm fairly certain the hand of the neptunes is all over this...a lot of the tunes are really one dimensional for me. but it could be because i'm all about the backtrack, and i don't listen to lyrics, which is probably pretty sucky for/of me. i also checked out lily allen. she blows. i don't really get the point. so she's some british chica who does pikey-ish reggae-electro-pop? snoozefest! i've also listened to most of the wolfmother album. i kinda like it. it has that arena rock feel that i like. but most of the tunes are completely forgettable and disposable. so far the only standout tune is "woman".

dinner last night was aces! instead of the baked acorn squash, i made a salad i copied from torito. chopped radicchio, shaved fennel, parsley leaves, and some romano beans, tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. the balance of the flavours and textures was outstanding. i'm pretty uncreative at coming up with new/original salads. tonight i'm supposed to work a long shift at the library, so i'm packing stir fried udon with tofu, long beans and eggplant leftover from last week. the family is having a "white" veggie lasagne, with a layer of mashed butternut squash with mascarpone, another layer of sauteed spinach, and topped with a parmesan bechamel. no-cook lasagne noodles are one of the greatest inventions of all time. we're having the boy's friend over, so i made a pumpkin pie for dessert.

<-- i also love this man



mark said...

The 'Natural Born Killers' soundtrack (compiled by Trent Reznor) made me question the same thing about film scoring and if the epic orchestra style sound of films would be extinct too... but that was over 10 years ago and it doesn't seem to be losing any noticable strength.

and even if we do lose out on film scoring... everyone needs Zen music like in Children of Men!

schmee said...

pretty sure it was loefah. dmz represent!

Chris said...

children of men was really good. saw here a few months ago as it was released here earlier. i knew it was a movie for me. and was not disappointed.

agreed - down with lily allen.


karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

say it ain't so! the chief responding to my blog as HIMSELF?!?

wee woo wee woo wee woo <-- creepy, eerie twilight zone music

toronto said...

For some reason my expectations exceeded my viewing of this movie.
I agree with most of what you said but I found I wanted more character development. I would have liked it to be about a half hour longer so there was more explanation about the political things going on and to create more empathy for the characters.
momma d

Hannah said...

Clive Owen is dreamy.