Tuesday, January 23, 2007

but i like it

i just finished reading this collection of comics by joe sacco. i'm kind of in love with joe sacco. reading "palestine" and his series on bosnia and serbia pretty much changed my life. he also has this comic in "notes from a defeatist" about working in a library, which is the truest depiction of library page drudgery that i've ever seen, and a perspicacious comment on the client base. this particular book is a collection of pieces loosely based around rock and roll. so it includes a previously published collection documenting a time when he sold t-shirts for his friend's band on their european tour, an homage to the rolling stones, an homage to the blues, various grunge and alt-rock posters and ephemera.

i'm also all kinds of in love with this strawberry lime jam i made this past summer. it's aces!

today is all about reading foucault's "discipline and punish". and yes, i'm taking notes again thankyouverymuch. so i grabbed a bunch of this ghostface killah album "fishscale". it's the lick. a bunch of peeps do the beats: madlib, jay d, i think premier, and it's awesome listening. i also grabbed some goldfrapp, which is very much NOT the lick. it's brutes to the extreme. i was playing some and the boy (we share a room/office space) was reaming me out for it...but i atoned with my ghostface discovery. additionally, i've upped my nerdbomberness by compiling a mix of tunes featured on veronica mars, one of which is regina spektor's fidelity. it's pretty cheesy and a little too girlishly fervent for my liking, but it's a SUPREMELY guilty pleasure (as opposed to just mildly embarrassing guilty pleasures like kelly clarkson, which are borderline completely NOT guilty).

finally, hearing dwight talk about battlestar galactica on the office makes me so happy. last night was an episode where he talks about his love for starbuck. i love when my favorite tv shows get all meta on me!

tonight for dinner we're having seared calves liver, with caramelized onions, mashed potatoes, baked maple-glazed acorn squash, and steamed cauliflower with garlic-brown butter breadcrumbs.


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