Monday, January 01, 2007


was rung in with little fanfare, but a lot of love. dr. rei came by, my ex-bf, now bff and his lurve, and an old friend, plus the new new guinea crew/family at home made for a night of intense conversation that covered a wide range of topics, interspersed with big stretches of grazing on food and arrested development and battlestar galactica on dvd. we laughed our pants off and it was one of the better new years on record.

we also turned our living room into wall-to-wall bed space, by dragging out the coffee table and putting it aside, and throwing in the centre between the couch and the futon, another futon mattress and piles of pillows and blankets. it was very conducive to schluffery of the highest order. it was not so amenable to smacking the terry's chocolate orange open...there was too much softness a gwanning. we went to bed really late and when we woke up, the new new guineans just started talking again. i think that's what makes our dynamic so fantastic, is the from dusk to dawn non-stop conversation.

we also assigned ourselves battlestar galactica counterparts. i'm a cross between sharon and starbuck. the boy is a billy/adama cross. the roomie is roslin. our montreal friend is number 6/xena, and dr. rei is gaeta. and my ex-bf now bff is the chief.

tonight for dinner i'm making a baked glazed ham, glazed with either ginger pear jam or lemon pineapple preserves. we're also having a baked rutabaga and apple casserole topped with brown sugar crisp topping, a yukon gold and cheddar gratin, and maybe beans with lemon zest in walnut brown butter. for dessert we're having sweet potato pecan pie with whipped cream.



schmee said...

chris is totally the chief

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

he's beyond the chief.

i miss you guys! we should try to hang this coming weekend before school takes my life away.

mark said...

i never got a battlestar name!

but, i'm most likely a character who gets killed off in season one.

karl lagerfeld, esquire said... can be spirt of the west guy!

the lead singer from spirit of the west is the first battlestar CAG who gets killed off in the first wave of cylon battle.